High-end uv germicidal lamp compared with ordinary low pressure tube

by:Tepro     2020-03-16
Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is a kind of electromagnetic wave, has much to do with the atoms in the electronic, low level of electronic fall into to level high electron, with DNA and RNA as a breeding tool, has been breeding, but once the long chain in the DNA is open, the other is open in the same way, through a period of time will become a complete DNA, as the foundation of new cells. The difference between the high-end uv germicidal lamp and general low-pressure lamp in 240 - generally ultraviolet wavelengths 270 nm, will be a series of destroying the ability of DNA replication. Such a damage DNA, lost the ability to reproduce, so bacteria will die immediately. Classification of uv germicidal lamp uv germicidal lamp 1 according to the processing object points including sewage treatment, urban water supply treatment, drinking water treatment, water treatment, etc. 2 according to the principle to have disinfection, sterilization, decomposition of light and other photochemical reactions. 3 according to the method of use to points is directly put lights on the water, known as immersion; 。 But if ultraviolet disinfection products is relatively high, the use of disinfection methods not only complicated but also form a complete set of control system is very complicated. High-end uv germicidal lamp compared with common low-pressure lamp: ( 1) Compared with the original uv lamp, relatively special coating coating can prevent transmission loss, fully extend lifespan, up to eighty-five percent. ( 2) With higher power and long service life, reduce maintenance time, reduce the cost, also can instead of the medium voltage lamp economic choice. Completely in line with China's current energy conservation and emissions reduction. ( 3) Don't need to take on too many tubes can achieve sterilization, reduce the cost. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp is suitable for drinking water disinfection equipment, to the harmless, achieve the purpose of completely removing, full compliance with national standards.
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