Guangdong small make up water treatment equipment introduction to water purification processing method for you!

by:Tepro     2020-12-20
What about the water purification processing method is how? Guangdong water treatment uv water purifier equipment below small make up to you to discuss about; A, if the particles in the water content is less than 50 mg/L, so at this time only need to use contact condensation or filtering, and join coagulant again after a pump or die line directly into a filter. 2, when the water in the carbonate hardness is higher, so can add lime turbidity as well as to soften. Third, if the content of organic matter in water is high, then use methods such as chlorination, condensation, clarification filtration process; If these methods still couldn't meet, you will need to increase organic measures such as activated carbon filter. Four, if the free chlorine in the water than standard, need to use activated carbon filter, or adding sodium sulfite method processing. Fifth, reverse osmosis or subsequent processing method analysis, the source water before put into the uv water purifier equipment need to add precision filtration unit. Six, subsequent power state requirements for colloid is higher, need to add lime or join magnesium oxide. Above is the purified water treatment method, in the hope that this article can bring you help.
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