Four kinds of pure water equipment technology to introduce the advantages and disadvantages

by:Tepro     2020-12-07
Four kinds of pure uv water purifier technology advantages and disadvantages of introduction: 1, microfiltration is also called the pretreatment technology, mainly used for coarse filtration. Microfiltration technology is the application of the four kinds of pure uv water purifier technology good for popularization, is also a kind of good early, this technique is also simple, itself technology processing precision is not high, generally at 0. 1 - 0. Between 3 micron filter impurities in water, now microfiltration is front of pure water equipment used in processing equipment. Microfiltration is PP cotton, water after PP cotton, filter out the impurities in the water, microfiltration will not change the structure of the water with bacteria. 2, nanofiltration nanofiltration is the first selection of household water purification technology, and reverse osmosis, nanofiltration technology because of the not very mature, so didn't get promoted. Nanofiltration filtering precision can reach nanoscale, slightly lower than the reverse osmosis desalination rate, is a kind of need electricity, pressurized membrane separation technology, only technology is not yet mature, has not yet been put into use on a large scale. Later if the nanofiltration technology breakthrough may instead of reverse osmosis technology. 3, ultrafiltration, also called mineral water equipment, ultrafiltration equipment ultrafiltration technology application range, high filtration precision, at 0. 01 - 0. 1 micron degree of precision filtration, belong to one of the six new and high technology of the 21st century. It basically is to use the pressure difference of membrane separation technology, can effectively remove the heavy metals in the water, rust, sediment, suspended solids, colloid, bacteria, viruses, macromolecular organic matter, etc. , and can keep part of the mineral elements of body good with people. We usually drink mountain spring, mineral water is through the process of production. 4, reverse osmosis RO reverse osmosis technology established, so to speak, is in the '60 s cost of countless tired out by the United States a high precision differential pressure membrane separation technology, until today it still is one of the core technology is making pure water in the world. Its main core element is the reverse osmosis membrane, membrane pore size can be up to 0. 0001 microns, and under certain pressure only pure water molecules can pass reverse osmosis membrane, but as long as in raw water is greater than zero. 02 micron material both inorganic salt, heavy metal ions, organic matter and bacteria, virus and so on all to pass. That is about the content of the four kinds of pure uv water purifier technology advantages and disadvantages, more relevant content, please pay attention to our website.
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