Four factors affecting reverse osmosis desalination equipment rate

by:Tepro     2020-12-16
Reverse osmosis device is used for equipment within the reverse osmosis membrane filtering impurities and bacteria in raw water, effluent is good or bad a large part of the uv water purifier equipment is determined by the reverse osmosis membrane. Membrane water flux and desalination rate is the key operation parameters in the process of reverse osmosis, these two parameters are pressure, temperature, recovery rate, feed water salinity, water pH value factors. A, feed water pressure: feed water pressure itself does not affect the salt through the volume, but the water pressure to drive the net pressure of reverse osmosis, the water rate increase, at the same time through almost the same amount of salt, increase water rate of diluted through the membrane of salt, salt rate reduced, increase the rate of desalination. When the feed water pressure exceeds a certain value, due to the high recovery rate, increasing concentration polarization, and leads to salt through the quantity increase, to offset the increased water rate, makes the desalting rate no longer increases. Second, the water temperature: temperature pressure on the operation of reverse osmosis, desalination rate, pressure drop impact is most obvious. Temperature rise, permeability increase, under certain water flux requirement of net force decreases, so the actual operation pressure is reduced. Solute through rate also increases with the rise of temperature, salt through the quantity increase, directly show the product water conductivity increases. The pressure drop of temperature on reverse osmosis paragraphs also has certain influence, the temperature increases, the viscosity of water, reduce the pressure drop. Conductance reverse osmosis membrane is sensitive to the change of inlet water temperature, with the increase of water temperature, water flux and linear increase, the inlet water temperatures rise by every 1 ℃, the viscosity decreased, diffusion of water molecules through the membrane performance enhancements, producing water flux increases 2. 5% ~ 3. 0%. The increase of inlet water temperature, salt through membrane diffusion velocity will be faster, due to the increase of temperature will also lead through salt rate increase and desalting rate of decline. Three, water pH: various membrane component has a pH range, allowing water pH value of water rate have little impact; But even in the allowed range, pH value for desalting rate has greater influence. On the one hand, pH value of product water conductivity has a certain influence, mostly due to the reverse osmosis membrane itself with some active group, pH can affect the electric field on the surface of the membrane, in turn, affect the ion migration, pH form has a direct effect of impurities in the water, such as the dissociation of organic matter, the entrapment rate decreases with the decreasing of pH; On the other hand because of CO2 dissolved in water are greatly influenced by pH value, low pH value in the form of gaseous CO2, easily through the reverse osmosis membrane, desalination rate is low when so low pH, as pH increases, the gaseous CO2 into HCO3 - And CO32 - Ion, desalination rate also gradually rise, pH 7. 5 ~ 8. Between 5, desalination rate reached the highest. Four, the water salt concentration, osmotic pressure is a function of the water contains salt or organic matter concentration, salt concentration, the higher osmotic pressure will increase, under the condition of feed water pressure is constant, the net pressure will decrease, water rate reduced. Through salt rate is proportional to the reverse osmosis membrane on both sides of positive and negative salt concentration, feed water salinity is higher, the greater the concentration difference also, through the salt rate, resulting in desalting rate decreased. For the same system, feed water salinity, operating pressure and product water conductivity also has difference, feed water salinity, every l00ppm increase feed water pressure should be increased about 0. 007 mpa, at the same time due to the increase of concentration, product water conductivity also increased accordingly.
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