Food places ultraviolet disinfection lamp?

by:Tepro     2020-03-15
Food uv lamp factories is referring to: food production and processing workshop, especially the ready-to-eat foods processing workshop. uv lamp These air sanitary quality and microorganism in the processing site is causing food contamination, the main reason for the qualification rate of decline. For these places air disinfection method we used ultraviolet disinfection and fumigation. ( A) Ultraviolet radiation sterilization of currently used ultraviolet germicidal lamp is 253. 7 nm wavelength of short-wave ultraviolet light. Is a low energy of electromagnetic radiation, ultraviolet irradiation energy can produce excitation effect. Ultraviolet irradiation sterilization is to make the microbial cell nucleic acids, proteins and enzymes protoplasmic chemical changes and death. Ultraviolet (uv) light has broad-spectrum sterilization effect, including bacteria, bacteria can be killed, spores, and fungi, including a variety of microorganisms. Purple outside sterilization must choose appropriate wavelength and need to have enough time sterilization, ultraviolet penetration ability is poor, so we must direct exposure to the microbial surface or surfaces, to kill bacteria. Due to ultraviolet rays can be clear, transparent water, thus can be used in the production of water disinfection. In addition uv sterilization effect is affected by temperature ( Suitable for 20 - 40 degrees Celsius) , humidity, 60%) The following, the influence of suspended solids, organic matter, etc. Ultraviolet radiation is harmful to human body, this kind of device is only applicable to no one in the case of use. on an object's surface has special significance, such as food processing sites used by working mesa, container and must carry out disinfection of the paper, the surface of the clothing can use ultraviolet sterilization. Ultraviolet penetration performance is poor, but only can illuminate to kill microorganisms, on the part of the exposure is less than no antiseptic effect. For tools, the object surface is disinfected, it must be washed to remove dirt, otherwise the sterilization effect will be reduced. Install the lamp should be disinfected objects about 1 meter distance, disinfection of effective area of tubes around 1. 5 m - 2 meters, time for 30 minutes. ( 2) Fumigation fumigation gas or smoke is to use disinfection drugs, in the airtight space to achieve the purpose of disinfection fumigation. This method can be used in indoor air disinfection ( The air pollution) , can also be used for processing the surface of the pollution. Food production premises should conduct periodic fumigation, to ensure the production place and fresh air. (acetic acid peroxide fumigation, peracetic acid Peracetic acid) As the high efficient sterilization agent. Colorless transparent liquid, stimulating odour, volatile. The boiling point of 110 degrees Celsius, strong corrosion, with bleaching. Acetic acid peroxide fumigation is suitable for the sealed room pollution surface treatment. Commonly used 20% of peracetic acid solution, using the environment is suitable at 20 degrees Celsius, relative humidity in the 70 - 90%, the dosage for oxygen ethanoic acid 1 g/M3, fumigation 60 - time 90 minutes. After reaching time, ventilation and exhaust.
uv disinfection lamp are required in the manufacture of almost every product and uv sterilization lamp uv disinfection lamp is one of the most common machines.
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