Factors affecting the effect of ultraviolet disinfection

by:Tepro     2021-03-07
The definition of ultraviolet radiation intensity refers to the measured ultraviolet radiation intensity per unit area at a specific distance from the center line of the surface of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp. Simply put, for our daily use of ultraviolet disinfection lamps equipment, especially ultraviolet lamps, under the premise of the same light source, distance is an important factor in determining the anti-virus effect: the closer the object is to the lamp, the higher its intensity. The farther, the worse the effect. In a research article on the effect of ultraviolet lamp disinfection on SARS virus, it is mentioned that the ultraviolet radiation dose to eliminate the virus needs to exceed 162000μW·s/cm², which is confirmed by experiments: Take the common 30W, 90μW/cm² ultraviolet lamps on the market as an example , Irradiating at a distance of 1 meter, it takes 30 minutes to kill the virus. It can be concluded that the anti-virus effect of ultraviolet uv water purifier equipment is related to the power of the uv water purifier equipment tube, the irradiation distance and the irradiation time. Therefore, you must read the instructions before using the ultraviolet disinfection products. u003cbru003e  operator personal protection:   In the absence of protective measures, ultraviolet rays will cause direct damage to the human body:   1. Human eyes and skin should not be exposed to ultraviolet light for more than 3 minutes.  2. After 15 minutes of direct irradiation, it will damage the cornea and cause electro-optical ophthalmia, sudden severe pain in the eyes, foreign body sensation, photophobia, tearing, or blepharospasm.   3. Long-term exposure can damage the eyes and skin, cause eye trauma and severe skin burns, and may cause skin cancer. Operators must be required to wear protective equipment when disinfecting the ultraviolet lamp. For example, the use of multi-functional protective glasses to protect the eyes must not be directly exposed; at the same time, avoid skin contact with ultraviolet radiation.
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