Encountered in the process of reverse osmosis equipment in operation of failure and the elimination method

by:Tepro     2020-11-26
Recently a customer bought a set of 0. 5 tons of reverse osmosis equipment, customers can debug and installation, but when the customer called this morning said the device had finished all the installation and debugging, but why the conductivity has been in 30 us/cm, not fall down? Is that we all wondered, raw water tap water, and electrical conductivity in the 450 us/cm, is the DOW reverse osmosis membrane, also is the original packaging to the customers own opened, why conductivity so high? Under our sales asked patiently, summed up the points: one, to soften water not good regeneration, second, reverse osmosis membrane installed backwards. Later, as we know, the customer has finally put the equipment debugging, conductivity value of up to 10 below us/cm. We came to see, reverse osmosis equipment in the process of running the common faults and elimination method. Reverse osmosis equipment in operation often see failure mainly includes: equipment appear slack, noisy equipment at run time, low purity of the effluent water quality of equipment. A, leaking in, mainly because there is a leak point in the water. Water for the failure to check the equipment, find leaking point. If it is not easy to find, can use dry tissue detection. Second, the high decibel noise, mainly because of equipment is put on shaky, the running state of the compressor is not normal, raw water is not normal, because there is no water tower water supply, water gas. Idle raw water pipe water, causing the pressure pump, equipment to produce high decibel noise. Aimed at the failure of regularly to repair or replace the original water pipe, choose relatively stable environment to put equipment. Three, purity of the water quality is low, the output of mainly high voltage switch or float switch failure, unable to jump back. Raw water ball valve reverse osmosis membrane filter blockage, leading to a solenoid valve damage, activated carbon filter blocking. uv water purifierequipment of a series of factors such as input or output voltage is not normal. Above problems are common equipment and solutions, equipment is in use after a period of time will inevitably have some trouble, failure is not terrible, as long as we are able to clear the cause of equipment failure, then you will find the corresponding solution. As a professional equipment production enterprise, we have a professional after-sale team, can provide users with professional after-sales service. 24-hour customer service hotline: if you encountered in the process of the above in reverse osmosis equipment operation failure and elimination method of interest or have any questions, please click on contact us page on the right side of the online customer service, or call: 400 - 888 - 7055年,本; — You close the way of purchasing consultant.
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