Elevator body induction ultraviolet disinfection lamp

by:Tepro     2021-03-03
Elevator uv light sterilizer and disinfection lamp-the application of intelligent elevator ultraviolet automatic disinfection device is currently a critical moment for community epidemic prevention. In addition to closed management and regular disinfection measures, many community properties are also exploring epidemic prevention measures, some new methods and new tools Become a new bright spot. In the context of increasing attention to ultraviolet disinfection lamps, Donghai Garden Community, Futian District, Shenzhen took the lead in designing and installing intelligent elevator ultraviolet disinfection equipment on elevators. This intelligent ultraviolet disinfection uv water purifier equipment is equipped with a human body induction function. When the elevator is unoccupied, the ultraviolet lamp is automatically turned on for irradiation and disinfection, and when the elevator is running, it is automatically closed, waiting for the window period. This product has now become the star disinfection protection of the community and has been well received by the community owners.   At present, it is a critical period in the fight against the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus infection, and it is also the best window period for the 'large quarantine and large disinfection' to play a role. The elevator space is narrow and confined, with frequent and intensive personnel entry and exit, and is extremely vulnerable to pollution. It is a key prevention and control target for communities, office buildings, and shopping malls. Recently, Technology and Poly subsidiary, Guangzhou Guangri Elevator, etc. have carried out in-depth cooperation on the installation of intelligent ultraviolet disinfection equipment in elevators, focusing on the research and development and installation of intelligent elevator-specific all-weather ultraviolet disinfection lamps devices based on elevator safety and efficient disinfection. The feasibility. At present, the first batch of intelligent elevator ultraviolet disinfection lamps uv water purifier equipment has been applied to the main entrance and exit elevators of multiple communities, and stick to the front door of epidemic prevention and control. Technology uses the independently developed LP-GZ series of ultraviolet germicidal lamps as the carrier, and based on the pan-IoT cloud intelligent technology, according to the space characteristics of elevators and the management requirements of the property, a complete set of intelligent ultraviolet disinfection equipment suitable for various types of elevator configurations has been developed. The device can just overcome the shortcomings and limitations of traditional UV disinfection, and give full play to the advantages of UV disinfection that are safe, efficient, and free of chemical residues. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention, it demonstrates the concept of 'people-oriented, scientific and technological intelligence' in property management. The uv lamp is equipped with a human body induction function (the lamp is turned off when a person comes, and the delay is turned on). When a person enters the elevator, the uv lamp is off; when a person leaves, the uv lamp works, effectively killing the space within the irradiation range Bacteria virus. The device is also equipped with multiple protection devices: timing shutdown function, leakage protection, etc., especially for the characteristics of low frequency of elevator use at night and long window period. After ultraviolet disinfection is carried out for a predetermined time, the ultraviolet lamp is automatically turned off to prevent excessive radiation , Reduce energy consumption.
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