Effective dose is ultraviolet sterilization lamp?

by:Tepro     2020-04-07
Uv mainly damaged water microbial genetics, cannot continue to split and copy, to achieve the purpose of disinfection. At the same time, the uv light sterilizer lamp can also damage to the microorganism of cytoplasm and cell wall produce certain effect. In this way, can realize the online disinfection, when water flow through uv disinfector, under ultraviolet light, for deep purification of tap water. lamp uv output of a photoelectric parameters, it only measures the strength of the uv lamp output energy. In the ultraviolet disinfection equipment disinfection performance not only depend on the uv lamp output energy, should also consider the distance between uv lamp, uv lamp aging coefficient and uv lamp scaling coefficient, casing pipe size, the design of the sterilizer and deal with the water quality and so on. Therefore, ultraviolet disinfection equipment disinfection by biological assay method to determine the performance. of actual disinfection performance, effective dose should be by uv, uv lamp, uv lamp aging coefficient casing scaling factor related experiments to verify. Uv lamp, uv lamp, uv lamp aging coefficient casing life scale coefficient was established by the method of biological assay, can provide ultraviolet disinfection equipment with reliable and quantitative measurement and calculation. Biological assay is to determine the ultraviolet disinfection equipment can realize uv effective dose of experimental verification. At the same time determine the degree of inactivated microorganisms after ultraviolet irradiation, and the test results with known the microbial standard uv dosage; Response curve comparison, thus determine the dose of disinfection equipment can realize, is the equipment uv effective dose. Biological assay has become evaluation and compare different ultraviolet disinfection equipment in various operation conditions and realize effective doses of uv detection method under the condition of water quality. Ultraviolet radiation sterilization cleaning the general provisions of the tubes, online cleaning method of cleaning, mechanical cleaning, on-line mechanical and chemical cleaning, etc. In wastewater treatment applications, appropriate USES online mechanical and chemical cleaning.
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