Effect of temperature on irradiance of ultraviolet lamp

Effect of temperature on irradiance of ultraviolet lamp


The ambient temperature has a certain influence on the ultraviolet radiation intensity, and the radiation intensity will decrease when the temperature is too high or too low. If the temperature drops to 4C, the radiation intensity can be reduced by 65% ~ 80%, which seriously affects the bactericidal effect. In this temperature range, the ultraviolet radiation intensity is the highest and stable, and the ideal disinfection effect can be achieved.


The relative humidity was high, and the penetration of ultraviolet radiation into the cells decreased. According to the relevant literature, when the relative humidity is 55% ~ 60%, the killing rate of ultraviolet light is the strongest. When the relative humidity is above 60% ~ 70%, the sensitivity rate of microorganisms to ultraviolet radiation decreases, and the relative humidity above 80% even activates the microorganism, which can reduce the bactericidal ability by 30% and 40%. Just wet mop and wipe the table immediately after ultraviolet disinfection, will increase indoor humidity, affecting the disinfection effect. Therefore, when using ultraviolet disinfection, the room should be kept clean and dry.

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