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Double Pins G5 G13  40W  Water Treatment UVC40W-L

Double Pins G5 G13 40W Water Treatment UVC40W-L

Double-End 2 pins
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Application Scope
Tepro 's uv sterilizer is widely used in multiple industries and fields.Tepro insists on providing customers with reasonable solutions according to their actual needs.
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Company Advantages
1. The manufacture of Tepro uv curing light involves some critical processes. These stages include concept confirmation, metal materials procurement, frame fabrication, components machining, surface painting, and final assembly.
2. The product has a strong structure. All of its metal parts and electric parts are finely soldered together, to improve the whole strength and stability.
3. This product has specific and constant physical properties. Its atoms, ions or ionic groups are exactly and uniquely arranged to form a stable structure.
4. Special requirements for uv light water purifier can be satisfied by us.

Product Information

Double Pins G5 G13  40W  Water Treatment UVC40W-L-1
UVC 40W-L G5 G13 Base T5

Double-End 2 Pins ultraviolet lamp has a wide range of applications. One is school. When the indoor air in the school is not circulating, the air is often reused, which then causes the secondary transmission of indoor bacteria and leads to mutual infection. The ultraviolet lamp can sterilize the entire classroom and densely populated public areas, thus ensuring the air quality of the area. The second is the use in the family. In the bedroom, it can sterilize quilts, pillows, bedding, and indoor air through ultraviolet light, especially in the rooms of the elderly, infants, and frail patients. Using ultraviolet disinfection frequently has a very significant effect on improving the living environment and the health level. In addition, this product can also be used for regular disinfection in the places without sunshine in a long-term, like living room, kitchen, bathroom etc

This product can also be used in hospital wards, outpatient rooms, laboratories, injection rooms, changing rooms and other places that require disinfection.

Matters need attention

  • ◪    Ultraviolet light can cause burns to the skin and eyes. Please pay attention to protection and avoid direct exposure to the human body for a long time.

  • ◪   Ultraviolet radiation has harmful effects on organic cells. Do not irradiate pets and plants for long periods of time.

  • ◪   Cover the indoor paintings and calligraphy to prevent a long-term ultraviolet irradiation which might cause a color oxidation.

  • ◪   Do not use the sterilizing lamp as a daily lamp. Disinfection is appropriate for moderation. And ultraviolet lights are not recommended for a long time.

  • ◪   Please cut off the power when cleaning ultraviolet lamps. Use a clean and soft cloth or alcohol to wipe lightly. Do not clean the lamp with organic solution such as gasoline.

  • ◪   Prevention of playing and contacting by children.

  • ◪   After disinfecting the room, please open the window for ventilation.

Product Parameters

Ozone FreeOzone mmWmmmAVμw/cm²
UVC 4W-LUVC 4W-VH154135170289G5
UVC 6W-LUVC 6W-VH1562121604216G5
UVC 8W-LUVC 8W-VH1582881505621G5
UVC 11W-LUVC 11W-VH15112123304922G5
UVC 16W-LUVC 16W-VH15162883505436G5
UVC 10W-LUVC 10W-VH15103312304623G13
UVC 15W-LUVC 15W-VH15154373405147G13
UVC 20W-LUVC 20W-VH15205893606065G13
UVC 25W-LUVC 25W-VH15254376004370G13
UVC 30W-LUVC 30W-VH1530894370100100G13
UVC 40W-LUVC 40W-VH15401199440103145G13
UVC 55W-LUVC 55W-VH155589478087160G13
UVC 75W-LUVC 75W-VH15751199850110220G13

Product Details

Double Pins G5 G13  40W  Water Treatment UVC40W-L-2
Aluminum bracket + paint process, beautiful and durable appearance.
Double Pins G5 G13  40W  Water Treatment UVC40W-L-3
The aluminum base and the ceramic base for selection.
Double Pins G5 G13  40W  Water Treatment UVC40W-L-4
Different holder for aluminum base and ceramics base.

Application Scenarios

Double Pins G5 G13  40W  Water Treatment UVC40W-L-5
Double Pins G5 G13  40W  Water Treatment UVC40W-L-6
Double Pins G5 G13  40W  Water Treatment UVC40W-L-7
Double Pins G5 G13  40W  Water Treatment UVC40W-L-8

Product Display

Product Certificate

Double Pins G5 G13  40W  Water Treatment UVC40W-L-9

Company Features
1. Thanks to years of focus on the design and production of uv curing light , Tepro (China) Co., Ltd. has been a reliable manufacturer and distributor.
2. We have employed a professional R&D team. Drawing their years of development experience, they can help identify challenges early on to assure products are successful in a competitive marketplace.
3. New standards will continue to be created through Tepro (China) Co., Ltd.'s innovations. Inquire now! Tepro aims to become an international company. Inquire now! Tepro (China) Co., Ltd.'s never-ending quest to fulfill and nurture the outside and possible needs of our customers in a comprehensive and forward-looking method. Inquire now!
Tepro (China) Co., Ltd.凭借多年积累下来的生产经验、强大的技术与研发实力、先进的设备与生产线,在uv light water purifier的生产制造上更得心应手,知道如何对各生产步骤与工序进行合理监管与把控,为生产出高质量的产品提供保障。
Tepro (China) Co., Ltd.拥有现代化厂房,并引进先进的uv light water purifier生产设备,且uv light water purifier生产完成后还会经过国家相关部门进行检测,符合国家质量标准,确保其不仅产量高,而且性能稳定,质量上乘。
基于为客户提供优质产品的目标,Tepro (China) Co., Ltd.坚持引进先进生产设备制造uv curing light,并建立了一套科学严谨的质量管控体系,严格监测和把控产品生产的每一个环节,促使生产的uv curing light均拥有优良的品质。
公司始终秉承'安全第一、质量至上'的生产理念,严格按照国家标准进行规范化生产,生产的uv light water purifier做工精细、品质上乘,美观又实用。
我们拥有完善的采购链条和质量管控体系,坚持选用优质的原材料生产uv light water purifier,并严格把控uv light water purifier生产的每个环节,全方位把控产品质量,促使所有uv light water purifier均拥有上乘的品质。
我们拥有一支专业的生产管理团队,团队成员坚持选用品质上乘、价格合理的原料制造uv light water purifier,并严格监测每一个生产环节,确保最低原料损耗率和产品报废率,促使uv light water purifier具有较高的性价比。
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