Dongguan water treatment equipment update descaling technology of magnetic treatment

by:Tepro     2020-12-24
Dongguan water treatment equipment and the impurities in the water for a long time, common system scaling, and this kind of thing is inevitable, in order to prevent fouling, the water treatment uv water purifier equipment usually adopts alkali precipitation, adding the scale inhibitor, softening, desalination method and magnetic method, etc. Several methods before the effect is obvious, but at a cost of large, complex operation and environmental pollution, and magnetic treatment method, small investment, simple operation, no pollution, has the antiscaling, descaling, sterilization, corrosion and other functions. This is a very promising antiscaling and descaling technology. Below small make up will give you a brief introduce of our company water treatment equipment descaling technology: new orthogonal the repeated action of the magnetic field can effectively prevent the furring, choosing the appropriate magnetic field intensity and water flow rate, can get the best effect of magnetic treatment, the pH of the water and the concentration of ion species and can affect the antiscale effect of magnetic treatment, magnetic treatment can also affect fouling content rate of crystal, crystal model, crystal size and number, and the pH of the water, etc. At present, the quantitative research of magnetic treatment is less, this is magnetized one of the important research direction in the field of anti-scaling.
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