Dongguan water treatment equipment of the pretreatment system by which a few parts?

by:Tepro     2020-11-10
Pretreatment system is a very important part of the dongguan water treatment equipment, pretreatment is commonly used water purification processing, the necessary equipment. After pretreatment, the water quality will be improved greatly, but also can reduce the burden of subsequent desalination equipment. And the pretreatment system in the uv water purifier can be divided into several parts, let's look at together. 1, activated carbon filters, activated carbon adsorption filtration is one of the main equipment of water quality of pretreatment, the various properties of the material can be chemical adsorption, eliminate peculiar smell, organic matter in water, colloid, residual chlorine, etc. 2, coagulation and sedimentation process: through the extensions in source water molecules ( Flocculant) Small and loose in the water, have become thick and dense, facilitate rapid precipitation. In 3, multiple media filter: filter is equipped with different sizes, different kinds of refined filter material, from top to bottom, from small to large order arrangement, can remove the suspended solids in the water, silt, clay and humus content, such as the water turbidity reach ideal effect. 4, fine filter: filter body made of stainless steel filter element is made from PP spray welding, a cone-shaped hole shape structure, it has a large amount of sludge, long service life, easy to change, etc. 5, in addition to iron manganese filters: equipment to absorb the domestic mature in addition to iron and manganese iron manganese technology, with more than the well pump pressure jet extraction, tubular static mixed dissolved oxygen, free contact oxidation filter plate of dispersion type degassing filter bed, etc. New technology, and the traditional oxidation in vitro device in the device body, make the reasonable process equipment layout is compact with remarkable energy saving effect, is the urban and rural life and industries in the use of water equipment in addition to iron and manganese. 6, soften units: the amount of calcium and magnesium ions contained in water is called water hardness, in daily life and industrial water is easy to generate insoluble process of sediment, and production bring a lot of inconvenience to the life, softening unit can effectively remove calcium and magnesium ions in water, the water water hardness & le; 0. 02mmol/L。
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