Dongguan water treatment equipment: identify the method of water quality, you understand?

by:Tepro     2020-12-14
Water is our essentials, our life can not do without water, like a fish without water, since water is so important in our life, do you know how to identify the water quality of water? uv water purifierequipment is from dongguan below small make up explain to identify the method of water quality for you. A, adopt the method of watching: use clean the glass with a glass of water, in the sunshine underground carefully observe whether the water containing suspended matter and if the bottom have suspended matter, so it shows that the suspended substances in the water impurities seriously overweight, this need after water purifier filter for drinking water. Second, adopt the method of smell: use glass remote pick up a glass of water, then use to ask any other peculiar smell smell, if there is a pungent smell of chlorine that means the water and bleach. Three, adopt the method of taste: hot drink plain boiled water, with or without bleaching powder ( Chlorine) The smell of, if you can smell of bleach ( Chlorine) The smell of that tap water in the residual chlorine levels! Is the small make up to you to explain some of the above method to detect water quality, hope to help you, if you still have what not understand, can continue to visit our website, or dial the hotline: 0769-23117311, we will answer one by one for you!
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