Dongguan water treatment equipment for iron manganese technologies used in groundwater

by:Tepro     2020-12-23
Ground water is the water without any processing, life on the groundwater to produce reference, need to deal with the groundwater, this case will need to use the dongguan water treatment uv water purifier equipment, but also must contain iron manganese technology. Iron and manganese element on the earth's surface distribution range is very wide, is a relatively difficult compounds, these two elements is particularly easy to enter the groundwater, groundwater mainly contains general bivalent iron bicarbonate, in addition, also may contain soluble organic iron salts. Many information in the introduction, the iron and manganese occur at the same time the water, iron is different from area to area of groundwater, more or less contain a certain amount of manganese, only the amount of how many different. Organic material effect on the dissolution of iron. Some organic acids in strata by ferric iron reduction be ferrous iron and dissolved in water, and some organic compounds and iron can generate complex organic iron and dissolve in the water. In the formation of organic matter, often due to the strong function of microorganisms in the reduction, under the condition of the dissolved oxygen in the water is used up, due to the decomposition of organic matter, to produce a considerable amount of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide. Using the dongguan water treatment uv water purifier equipment for underground water filter must be used to specialization in addition to iron and manganese technologies, groundwater in addition to iron, the general process to choose two footwork. The first step to contain dissolved oxygen in the molten iron, the ferrous iron oxidized to ferric iron, which is almost insoluble in water, the second step is to filter to remove ferric iron deposits, purified water. Contains a kind of method is mainly used in northeast China, the underground formation filtering method, dissolved oxygen is injection will have a lot of oxygen dissolved in water of the water injection Wells, the oxygen in the water and the water soluble ferrous iron generates ferric iron. Then filtered JingTianRan underground strata, from water Wells pumping water to the ground again, sent to the user. No matter is used that way, all is in order to avoid, the iron and manganese in the water damage to people's health and daily life.
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