Dongguan pure water machine small make up for your introduction to influence the effect of cleaning machine use the reason!

by:Tepro     2020-12-14
What affect the use effect of cleaning machine? uv water purifierbelow small make up to you to discuss about the main factors; One, related to the frequency, low frequency of cleaning machine of cavitation effect is obvious, but is bad is that the noise is big, if the effect of high frequency will be weaker, but the noise is low, according to the requirement of the use of different choice of frequency is also different. Related to power: many people will think that the larger the power cleaning the clean, clean the longer the time to clean the more clean, this is wrong, the effect of the equipment with power and cleaning time not necessarily proportional to, when choosing are generally of the cleaning matching experiment to obtain the appropriate parameters. Three, related to temperature: for cleaning dirt so simple requirement will not too high, if it is need to clean oil, such as certain requirements of the equipment will be needed. Fourth, related to the cleaning basket: wash the parts item often use cleaning basket, due to the mesh factors may cause ultrasonic attenuation, so special attention to. Fifth, related to the cleaning fluid, cleaning fluid, the lower the viscosity of cleaning effect is better. Above is the factors that affect cleaning machine use effect, hope this article can bring you help.
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