Dongguan city water treatment equipment for you to discuss the ways to solve water odor!

by:Tepro     2020-12-16
Tap water after a long time out, through many pipelines, occasionally some residual taste, then you know how to filter tap water? uv water purifierequipment is from dongguan small below explain it for you. 1, don't let out of the pipe water immediately to let stand 15 minutes, and then water to boil, such as precipitation and then pour in, the rest of the precipitation water can choose to pour out, or watering the flowers such as recycling. 2, make tea to drink tap water of bleaching powder are heavy, after boiling can alleviate this kind of phenomenon, if you still don't feel at ease, can add the tea in boiling water, fruit juice and coffee, etc. , to drink after brewing, not only can't smell the air temperature, also can satisfy the taste buds. 3, of course, is the most convenient and most effective with the help of a special electrical equipment to deal with. A good water filter can effectively remove the harmful substances in the water and peculiar smell. The above content is the small make up to you to explain some of the methods to solve the water smell, if you have any questions, please login to our website visit: WWW. cunanwater。 com
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