Dongguan city water treatment equipment can promote the renewal of the biofilm

by:Tepro     2020-12-14
uv water purifierequipment helps biofilm vaccination promote biofilm update, at the beginning of the pond, the precipitation effect is improved but the backflow of biological membrane easily blocked filter material. Process the biological filter water directly back, two early back into the pond, pond, biological sludge through the above process, oxidation of organic matter to reduce sewage groove, purified sewage's wheel is also experience hanging membrane biofilm growth thickening and fall off, the process of aging process is no the second pond, the characteristics of filter effluent containing biological sludge directly back into the pond, at the beginning, this can improve the effect of the early pond, sewage disposal equipment and make it has the functions of line 2 sink his technology is suitable for the, higher suspended solids and low concentration dissolving organic matter in waste water. Flow compared to process can avoid the pond volume, at the beginning of the process can improve the effect of the early pond, but improve the pond load at the beginning of the biofilm absorb oxygen from the air oxidation of organic matter. Processing of water reflux measures make high load biological filter has a wide variety of processes, as several kinds of typical process ChanChi system. Source of pure equipment co. , LTD. , specializing in the production of equipment, reverse osmosis devices, EDL equipment, deionized uv water purifier and so on, for many well-known enterprises to provide high-quality service ultrapure water system. Zhou: 13802394900
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