Domestic uv germicidal lamp disinfection technology advantages and disadvantages compared

by:Tepro     2020-04-27
Application of ultraviolet disinfection technology has greater advantages compared with other process, other processes cannot be compared, because this technology overcomes the traditional disinfection, a series of shortcomings and problems in many developed countries abroad in the application of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp, and get a large number of promotion, the ultraviolet ray main advantages as follows: the advantages and disadvantages of domestic ultraviolet germicidal lamp disinfection technology ( 1) Ultraviolet disinfection technology bactericidal efficiency is higher than other technology, and safety operation, the virus has a high efficiency of inactivated, always need not use any chemical in the whole process, reduce the secondary pollution. ( 2) If the water contains cryptosporidium and jia first worm processing effect will be better if the impurities. If the chlorine is added to the solution, won't produce mostly by-products. ( 3) This kind of ultraviolet ray sterilizing lamp still does not produce toxic substances, this method also need not add chemicals, no side effects. ( 4) In addition, still can reduce organic matter in water, the degradation of trace organic matter in water has a strong ability, also can reduce the odor. ( 5) Ultraviolet disinfection equipment, didn't have a lot of small occupied area, low operation cost, per ton of water only 4 li yuan or less, it has a good advantage. ( 6) Disinfection effect is influenced by water temperature, pH. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp technology also there are some shortcomings in the engineering application, mainly has the following several aspects: ( 1) No continuous sterilization ability, if again into the new pollution sources also need to cooperate with combination with chlorine; ( 2) Turbidity is bigger, does not reduce disinfection effect ( 3) Due to dirt, can affect passes with a bactericidal effect, so need to check in a timely manner.
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