Does the UV lamp have to be replaced after 1000 hours of use?

by:Tepro     2021-04-24
The ultraviolet light tube is used for 1000 hours, must it be replaced? It is a kind of air purification device that is used more in medical institutions at present. The center wavelength of ultraviolet light used for disinfection in medical institutions is 253.7nm. A certain irradiation intensity is an important guarantee to ensure the sterilization effect of ultraviolet rays. The traditional method is to replace it after 1000 hours of use. Is this really necessary? The replacement of the UV lamp does not depend on the cumulative exposure time. When the irradiation intensity drops below the required value (70μW/cm2), it should be replaced in time! my country has stipulated that the average life span of ultraviolet lamps should not be less than 5000 hours. The 'Technical Specification for Disinfection in Medical Institutions' requires that the UV lamp manufacturer should provide the actual service life. The service life of the UV lamp with power ≥ 30W, the time from the intensity of the new lamp to 70μW/cm2, or the time to reduce to 70% of the original intensity of the new lamp, should not be less than 1000 hours. In other words, 1000 hours is the minimum service life of the UV lamp, not a replacement indicator. In clinical work, it is often encountered that the cumulative use time of the ultraviolet lamp reaches 1000 hours, even if the irradiation intensity is more than 70μW/cm2, it is still replaced, which is undesirable and causes waste. There is also a situation where the cumulative use time of the ultraviolet lamp reaches 1000 hours, and the irradiation intensity is above 70μW/cm2, the lamp tube is not replaced, but the use time record starts from 0, which is also undesirable. To learn more, you can click on
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