Does Tepro have export licence?
Tepro (China) Co., Ltd.has been licensed for exports for years. We have accumulated a wealth of experience in export. In fact, in order to export products from China, any supplier must have dedicated export permit (license) of its own or must “outsource” the process to an Import-Export company that is licensed to export any (non-restricted) product. Therefore, the Import-Export company will appear on the export documents for customs clearance. This is a normal procedure and is completely legal in China.

Tepro is well recognized in global market for its ultraviolet lamp. The uv lamp tube series is one of the main products of Tepro. Our uv lamp tube enjoy a good reputation from numerous customers through buy ultraviolet light, buy ultraviolet light and so on. It is also used for pre-curing in the printing and silk screen industries. The product has achieved great success in the market due to its good characteristics, affordable price, and great market potential. Its UV light decay during life is only 20--30%.

Tepro will always adhere to the spirit of 'practical , effective , exploitative'. Please contact.
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