Diving Ultraviolet Sterilization Lamp Instructions

Diving Ultraviolet Sterilization Lamp Instructions


The novel submersible (anti-water) water-proof design is used for multiple sealing of the pipe body by the integrated silica gel waterproof head, and has good waterproof performance and convenient assembly and disassembly. Compared with the traditional hard plastic head, the novel silica gel waterproof head is more resistant to ultraviolet radiation, and the soft material of the novel silica gel waterproof head is not easy to damage due to collision. The hard plastic head after the ultraviolet irradiation is easy to crack, not only affects the appearance but also the safety is affected, and the product can not continue to be used.


sterilization lamp

Applied Range

Is suitable for water treatment of various sizes of fish pond (pond), swimming pool, garden, hot spring and the like.


Matters Need Attention

1. The product must be used in combination with the leakage protection device when used.

2. Before the product is used, check whether the outer glass and the built-in lamp tube are damaged or abnormal (such as water inlet and burning loss). In case of water inlet in the process of use, stop using it immediately to avoid accident.

3. The ultraviolet light tube is built in the product, and the ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the eyes and the skin of the human body. When the lamp is on, it is not visible.

4. If an accidental rupture is encountered in the installation of the product, it should be avoided that the toxic substance evaporated from the mercury in the lamp tube of the human body should be avoided.


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Direction For Use

1. Working voltage: ac 220 ±10% (50Hz/60Hz), working temperature TEM < 60 degrees Celsius, ambient temperature 20 ≤ 30 degrees Celsius.

2. If this product is used in the water quality treatment of culture ponds, it should be placed in places that can not be reached by fish, such as filter ponds. Otherwise, direct exposure to ultraviolet light will hurt the fish.

3. This product has built-in high quality ultraviolet lamp tube, because the mercury body in the tube is not completely evaporated in the early stage of ignition, the phenomenon of arc flicker instability will occur. This is normal, after a few minutes of continuous ignition can tend to be stable, please rest assured of using.

4. In this product The ultraviolet lamp can produce a large number of 253.7nm wavelength ultraviolet light, which has a strong spectral sterilization ability, this band spectrum can effectively kill bacteria and viruses in water.

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5. The product can stretch into the water for 360-degree full-directional sterilization, and the following solution can be considered if the expected effect is not met:

A. The speed of the slow water flow is adjusted, and the water flow is generally required to pass through the lamp tube for a period of more than or equal to 1 second (ultraviolet intensity> 3000 uW/ cm2)

B. And the number of the sterilization lamps is increased, The sterilization effect will be increased in proportion.

C.  Increasing the power of the germicidal lamp, such as from 20 watts to 40 watts, the sterilization effect will be doubled.

D. At the same time, the above-mentioned scheme is adopted, and the ultraviolet sterilization effect is greatly improved.

6. The product is normally used, and the sterilization effect can last for one year.

7. Non-professional maintenance personnel, do not remove this product. All products have been tested before delivery.



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