Disinfection cabinet quartz uv lamp and identification methods of high boron ultraviolet lamp

by:Tepro     2020-07-14

1, with 254 nm uv irradiance probe test. The same power, the highest 254 nm uv light intensity was quartz ultraviolet lamp, ultraviolet lamp, the second is the high boron glass and common glass and coated with phosphor lamp, its 254 nm uv intensity is zero.

2, disinfection cabinet, and cleaning tank are two different concepts, cleaning tank can prevent pollution, no disinfection cabinet disinfection assessment indicators, cleaning tank usually adopt high boron ultraviolet germicidal lamp, uv lamp, but can not reach the requirements of the disinfection cabinet killing rate. With efficient sterilization and disinfection cabinet asks lamp ( Quartz uv light) And then sterilization and disinfection, it demands for e. coli bacteria killing rate of 99. More than 9%.

3, if they are on the fire heating at the same time, the common glass melting point minimum, followed by high boron glass, quartz glass melting point is the highest, also its low expansion coefficient. Heating with the light optical fiber in water after quenching, not broken and quartz glass.

4, high boron glass, uv lamp and quartz ultraviolet lamp in appearance than, quartz ultraviolet lamp generally hold aluminium cap lamp holder, lamp holder material usually adopts the bakelite or ceramic, lamp leds with outside diameter than the glass tube coarse; And high boron glass and common glass can adopt a high degree of automation of circular seal production craft, its craft like fluorescent lamp production, aluminum lamp holder are available, and of low capital and material capital and production.

5, the phosphor lamp, whether it is with what kind of glass can emit short-wave ultraviolet ray, less likely to generate ozone. Because the phosphor conversion of spectral lines, the shortest wavelength of 300 nm. In disinfection cabinet often see is a mosquito lamp, can produce 365 nm spectral line and a beacon light blue light, it besides to attract mosquitoes, is no disinfection effect. With a simple method to test: put the lamp next to fluorescent light, it can't be intensified in-line phosphor luminescence, confirms that it is not efficient sterilization lamp ( Quartz uv light) 。

There is a strong need for more research on , in order to be able to provide strong and conclusive evidence of their uv sterilization lamp effects. However, recent studies have provided valuable insights into how the intake of may result in improved uv disinfection lamp.
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