Detection of anti-corrosion paint UV lamp buying guide

by:Tepro     2020-07-16
Why the PCB anti-corrosion coating paint?

three proofing paint, paint is a special recipe for protection from the erosion of the circuit board and related equipment, so as to improve and prolong their service life, ensure safety and reliability. In the real conditions, such as chemical environment ( Fuel, coolant, etc. ) , high vibration, dust and salt fog, humidity and high temperature, such as circuit board may produce the problem such as corrosion, softening, deformation, mildew, led to the PCB circuit malfunction. Anti-corrosion paint coating appearance in PCB, forming a layer of light and flexible, thickness of about 25 to 50 microns thick film. It can be in the harsh conditions from damage protection circuit.

with the LEA - 280 b test satellite system circuit board of anti-corrosion paint

is three paint form protective film can effectively isolate the circuit board, and can protect the circuit from the bad environment, damage, so as to improve the reliability of PCB, increase the safety coefficient, and guarantee its service life. Because of anti-corrosion paint can prevent the leakage, thus allowing higher power and closer to PCB spacing, which can meet the purpose of device miniaturization. Both transparent and anti-corrosion paint with the color, all can improve the appearance of the printed circuit board, and the latter by cover components and design layouts also ensures a higher degree of confidentiality.

anti-corrosion paint to protect electronic equipment from the external use of chemicals and the special environment, to ensure its continued stability. Anti-corrosion paint can protect the LED display, solar cell oxidation, salt fog corrosion in the sunshine becomes slow and work for a longer time in the outdoor environment.

check with lu Yang ultraviolet lamp vessel with the circuit board is three paint

auto industry requirements is three paint protection circuit from the harm of the following circumstances, such as: evaporation, salt fog/brake fluid, etc. Its application in automobile electronic system rapidly, so the use of anti-corrosion paint has been to ensure the reliability of the automobile electronic device for long-term basic requirements. Aerospace, satellite system, military control system due to the particularity of using the environment, such as aviation, space environment on electronic equipment is strict, especially under the condition of fast compression and decompression, still want to keep good circuit performance. The pressure stability of the anti-corrosion paint so widely used. Shipping industry both fresh water and salt water, all can cause a harm to Marine equipment of the electrical circuit. Can use anti-corrosion paint more to protect the surface and immersion and underwater equipment.

with the LEA - 280 b, check the circuit board is three paint why

UV lamp that can detect anti-corrosion paint coating effect?

anti-corrosion paint looks to the naked eye in normal light is transparent, anti-corrosion paint under ultraviolet light can emit bright blue fluorescence, so the three prevention paint circuit board under uv light irradiation, the staff can be directly observed the coating effect of anti-corrosion paint, coating are needed to have complete coverage, if there is no complete coverage, this circuit board in the harsh environment will soon be damaged, causing the equipment failure.

the contact parts of the circuit board late some places need to welding cannot anti-corrosion coating paint, if the anti-corrosion coating on the paint process after welding difficult. So, anti-corrosion coating of paint printed circuit board must be in the UV lamp ( The lamp) Detect the specific coating effect.

LEA - 280 b portable UV lamp

what UV lamp can detect anti-corrosion paint coating effect?

the road Yang production how long wave ultraviolet lamp, such as portable, hand-held, hanging type 365 nm long wave ultraviolet lamp, used to check the coating effects models is LEA - more Portable uv lamp, LUYOR - 280 b Desktop ultraviolet lamp and LUYOR - 3405 1144 a ultraviolet lamp with a magnifying glass. LEA- 280 b portable uv lamp is equipped with 2 root 8 w 365 nm long wave from screen ultraviolet lamp, can emit bright fluorescence excitation is three paint.
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