Description of water treatment equipment iron removal

by:Tepro     2020-12-03
About water treatment equipment for iron removal: 1, the ground water, water containing iron in colloid or organic state often exists, this kind of iron in water purification treatment, and other suspended impurities in the process of coagulation, the colloidal impurities away together. In the groundwater often contain bicarbonate low iron [ Fe( HCO3) 2] , to remove the iron, can use bicarbonate low iron easy to hydrolysis and ferrous oxide generated hydrogen, then further oxidized to ferric hydroxide precipitation and remove. 2, brand discount women's clothing wholesale enough dissolved oxygen in water, Fe ( 哦) 2 it is easy to oxide and Fe ( 哦) 3. In order to make the Fe ( 哦) 3 precipitate completely, for some water can also be appropriate to add some lime milk, in order to improve the pH of the water, the pH value was slightly greater than 7, the common method is to contain Fe++ well water with a water pump, spewed by the flat nozzle tube, good contact with water and air, Called the aeration) That. coz escape, and use the oxygen in the air to catch the Fe ( 哦) 2 oxidation, the filtered to remove Fe ( 011). : precipitation, can have iron content below 0. 2 mg/l of water for production. 3, also can remove Fe++ with ion exchange method. Such as groundwater containing Fe + 10, with ion exchange process, must pay attention to the source of water cannot be exposed to air, or by oxidation of Fe + 10, produce the Fe ( 哦) 3 precipitation, sediment deposition on the surface of the ion exchanger, can make the exchange capacity of exchanger. 4, if has this kind of situation, can use dilute HCl will exchanger leaching leaching, to remove Fe deposit ( 哦) 3. Usually little to remove the water Fe++ independently, usually in purification and softening think has been removed. To iron, tend to filter used in the purification processing, and together we catch, remove all kinds of precipitation. Above is the small make up to sort out the content of the water treatment equipment of iron removal, hope will be helpful to you. Guangdong water treatment equipment in the switching time of matters need to pay attention!
ultrapure water equipment switching time to pay attention to what matters to you? Guangdong water treatment equipment below small make up to you to discuss about; A part, the host and accessories good need to indicate the direction of the pipeline connection, need a good save after appendix removed, all parts of the direction of the line and accessories are in the order to be removed before to connect. Second, at the time of transport need to be shock and pay attention to the packing, need to make sure that will not bring impact to equipment in the process of transportation, you need to use the shockproof packaging material. Three, equipment transportation to a new place, need to check the electric control part to have water, main is to prevent erupted after electric shock damage. Part four, reverse osmosis and part of the mixed bed need to you after we remove the seal save, don't mind because there will be exposed to air oxidation. Above is the ultrapure uv water purifier moving items need to be aware of, hope this article can bring you help.
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