Demineralized water equipment which systems are included?

by:Tepro     2020-11-13
Demineralized uv water purifier can be used for process water, cooling water inlet, boiler, steel smelting industry, chemical industry, and many other industries. Softening water equipment softening process is using ion exchange resin to reduce or close out all the water content of calcium and magnesium ions and to reduce the hardness of water, a method to prevent scale deposition. Today will take you to get to know the demineralized uv water purifier which systems are included? Demineralized water equipment mainly by: demineralized water control valves, tanks, sodium ion exchanger, salt absorption regeneration system. Demineralized water control valve is mainly control regular cleaning demineralized water equipment, control the cleaning time and cleaning cycle. Tank is placed resin container in softened uv water purifier, filter out the impurities in the water passes through resin. Sodium ion exchanger mainly to remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, reduce water hardness. Salt absorption regeneration system is carried out on the resin regeneration, ion exchange resin to run after a long time will be failure, salt absorption regeneration is to rinse the calcium and magnesium ions, recover the exchange of the function of the ion resin.
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