Demineralized water equipment when using six points for attention

by:Tepro     2020-12-04
Small make up for you in the previous articles explained about softening water equipment downtime and maintenance, the following we went on to explain the matters needing attention when using softened uv water purifier, hope to help you. 1, the power supply equipment in accordance with 220 v + - 10%、50Hz- 2% of the requirements. 2, the equipment before installation to check whether products import and export with the pipe size. 3, installed in the inlet of descaling, antiscale equipment before, or between exports and boiler water inlet pump. 4, equipment if it is intermittent use of water circulation system, have to adapt to the first two weeks before the stop adding the inhibitor. 5, equipment have drainage device in circulating water system, periodic blowdown. 6, the equipment is the main and auxiliary machinery distance between the closer the better, as far as is not more than 5 meters. That is pure source small make up to you to explain some of the matters needing attention when using softened water equipment, if you still have what not understand, welcome to continue to focus on our website, we will not regularly update more information for you. uv water purifierequipment maintenance method.
equipment constantly running every day, in order to ensure that each unit of normal operation and the treatment of water to achieve good results, should be conducted on a regular basis for maintenance of equipment, the following is the small make up for you to explain the dongguan equipment maintenance. 1, maintenance should reach clean appearance, color, smooth oil and oil clean and bright and good lubrication. 2, equipment, flexible operation, normal operation. 3, check the fasteners and controlling device, safe and reliable. 4, check the components, necessary adjustments in the moving parts of clearance, replacement of parts. 5, when necessary to remove the local equipment, check the adjustment and repair. 6 and electrical parts, cleaning, check and adjust. Check whether the electric contact is good, connection is firm. 7, thorough cleaning, cleaning equipment, both inside and outside surface of a corner. 8, burr removal of surface activity. Above is small make up to you to explain something about dongguan equipment maintenance, if you still have what not understand.
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