Demineralized water equipment use should pay attention to these matters

by:Tepro     2020-11-14
Demineralized uv water purifier is very important to many industries, can reduce the water hardness, for equipment maintenance have very good effect. But the demineralized water is also pay attention to the maintenance of equipment itself. Today small make up take you to get to know the demineralized water equipment in use process pay attention to a few common sense, the hope can help to you, help you to extend the life of the equipment. 1. Demineralized water equipment in use process, if its free to use, not only can make the equipment damage, even may also reduce its service life. Therefore, the correct method of use is must, in accordance with the provisions of the standard. 2. Demineralized uv water purifier should be installed in the indoor temperature, humidity is relatively matters, because the temperature is low, this can avoid resin and metamorphism, parts because of the humidity in the air and rust; The electrical malfunction because of the short circuit. 3. Equipment is in place, will be fixed motor, limit switch of the bolt, switchboard connection bolt, and then to a fixed inside and outside, so as to avoid accidents during operation. Rotary valve on the pull rod fixed block up and down bolts shall be fixed well, try to avoid exchange column has a collision happens. 4. The device is working, don't relay to adjust in time. Scrub in but after power off to repair equipment, to fundamentally prevent motor, switchboard, limit switch failure occurs in the water. At the same time in the operation, power supply, water supply shutdown, close all of water power. Each time the user downtime, should not stop in a short period, should stop water supply at the same time. 5. Raw water quality conditions shall conform to the requirements of general sodium ion exchange water treatment equipment. For water quality, the larger sediment loads on precipitation before into the machine. Maintain equipment daily cleaning is cannot little, refueling part keep sufficient oil supply, runtime careful not to touch the pulley, thus can avoid the happening of the accident. 6. If equipment downtime for more than half a month, nylon pipe waste water up to exchange column, make it undrained, long-term need not when dealing with salt shaker and the rest of the body salt liquid for cleaning. The transmission part and the rotary valve and add lubricating oil, it is strictly prohibited devices induced, summer and mildew season down more than half, should start the machine 60 to 120 minutes, in case the resin tank microbes will grow on it. Restarts, flipping the pulley by hand, and several times to rotate the rotary valve, put the water in the original position after the electricity. 7. Panel and equipment body is assembled, if use unit conditional word, can be separated the panel with the ontology. Panel and hung in a fixed place, but you must promise to correct wiring. 8. Every other year to an overhaul of equipment, salt scrub brush paint cans looks up and down bottom protection, the exchange column should check the resin layer height, uncovered the flange on the equipment of the resin filling rate at 85% Should be added 90% has good effect, not enough, in other circumstances for maintenance.
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