Demineralized water equipment quotation

by:Tepro     2020-11-13
Water treatment equipment water treatment equipment co. , LTD. Is a research and development and production of fine of the enterprise. The company with the enterprise staff's unremitting efforts and improvement, to provide customers with great value products and services. Companies with high technology and professional design team, won the general customers trust and support. Pipeline direct drinking, the choice of using nanofiltration membrane permeability performance of removing organic matter in tap water, bacteria, retain the water of trace elements beneficial to human body, is the depth of tap water and drinking water treatment, ozone, ultraviolet radiation, frequency constant voltage output to the user can directly drink the water. The characteristics of this water treatment equipment 1, unattended, stable water quality. RO - EDI desalination system, the effluent is stable, cyclical changes don't appear mixed bed. 2, don't have to acid and alkali, not pollute the environment. Traditional desalination system by using ion exchange desalting, whether using level 1 double bed, Yang bed or Yin bed) Or two levels of double bed or mixed bed, adopt ion exchange resin, resin with acid and alkali regeneration, and repeated use. In use soda acid resin regeneration process, there are a lot of acid and alkali waste emissions, destroy the ecological balance of the drainage, and the RO - EDI desalination system, in the process of running without alkali. 3, can be continuous production, do not need backup device. RO - EDI of RO desalination system for continuous operation equipment, EDI adopts each block capacity for 2 ~ 3 th membrane, parallel to expand capacity, again also does not need backup device, solves the original ion exchange equipment need to stop using renewable, has the defects of standby. 4, water of RO equipment and EDI equipment requirements. Feed water of RO equipment requirements for membrane, the water quality such as short of requirement, the appropriate pretreatment method should be adopted to improve water quality. Besides using coagulation and sedimentation treatment, pretreatment of how media filter, activated carbon filter, precision filter, etc. , sometimes in order to prevent the RO membrane blocking, softening for high hardness water. 5, cover an area of an area small, low operating cost. Uf ultrafiltration water treatment equipment water treatment is introduced as the driving force is pressure, membrane separation process by membrane on the surface of microporous filter diameter can be 0. 002 - 0. 1 mu m between particles and impurities trapped, can effectively remove the water gel, silicon, proteins, microorganism and macromolecular organic matter. When the liquid mixture under certain pressure to push through the membrane surface, solvents and small molecules through the membrane, the macromolecular medium is trapped, so as to realize size, separation and purification of intermolecular purpose. Can be widely used in separation, enrichment and purification of matter. Ultrafiltration process without phase transformation, without heating, room temperature operation, save energy, the separation of heat sensitive material is particularly appropriate. Ultrafiltration process is simple, less supporting device, operation is simple operation, low maintenance cost. Ultrafiltration membrane resistance to chemical erosion and PH range is wide, the ultrafiltration device per unit volume of large membrane area, low investment cost, clean and simple. City water treatment equipment co. , LTD. Is specialized in water treatment equipment, industrial equipment, such as pure uv water purifier design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, technical development and supporting materials sales. Company predecessor is the city water purification equipment company, by the municipal industrial society cooperate with 25 wah kwong industrial company was founded in 1995. Quality management system throughout covering water treatment equipment research and development, design, production, marketing, logistics and after-sales service process. Sampling in time, carefully record, found the problem, according to the rules, it is our team means of implementation of enterprise quality management system, and the premise of guarantee the quality of the product.
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