Demineralized water equipment operation and maintenance points

by:Tepro     2020-11-10
Water treatment equipment, water softener equipment, industrial pure water and ultrapure uv water purifier, water desalination equipment please consult the 0510 - 83721081 】 ! Always adhere to quality first, customer supreme service! Welcome to inquiry at any time! Demineralized water equipment can reduce the hardness of water in the hot water boiler, heat exchange system, industrial cooling system, central air conditioning water system and other equipment are widely used in the system. Demineralized water operation maintenance and repair points you understand? Don't understand it doesn't matter, as well as the comprehensive small make up. Below small make up together with everybody to know this problem. 1. Running maintenance of demineralized water in the operation of the equipment maintenance work should do well in the following aspects: ( 1) To ensure that the input voltage current stability, prevent burning electric control device. External electric control device should be installed seal cover, prevent moisture and water. ( 2) To salt and solid particles in the salt (on a regular basis It is forbidden to add salt and iodized salt) , must ensure that the salt in the salt solution in the supersaturated state. Add salt to pay attention to don't will spill salt into the solid particles in the brine well, prevent the valve in salt salt bridge, on block salt absorption line. Due to solid particle salt containing a certain amount of impurities, a large number of impurities will deposit in the bottom part of salt, salt block valve, so regular cleaning of salt department at the bottom of the impurities. When cleaning can open the salt department of the drain valve at the bottom, until the impurities out, wash with water, salt box cleaning cycle should be based on solid particles to determine the content of impurities of salt. ( 3) Check the tightness of jet flow, and salt absorption line, to prevent air leakage and affect the regeneration effect. ( 4) Water softener to remove once a year, clean up and down the water, and the impurities inside the quartz sand cushion layer, and check the wastage and exchange capacity of the resin, replacing aging serious resin, resin can be used for iron poisoning hydrochloric acid solution for recovery. 2. Breakdown maintenance tool is commonly used in demineralized water equipment maintenance are: screwdriver, long nose pliers, wrenches, multimeter, etc. When there is excess water hardness, soft water equipment, mainly has the following three reasons: ( 1) Soft uv water purifier mechanical failure, cause equipment cannot work normally; ( 2) Resin aging or failure, decrease working exchange capacity, should be replaced periodically serious aging or failure of the resin; ( 3) Due to situation changes, the water softener parameter setting is not correct, should be regularly, according to the water situation to run debug water softener.
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