Demineralized water equipment installation tips, softened water equipment

by:Tepro     2020-11-11
Demineralized water equipment is very essential to many industrial enterprises, can for enterprise saving energy and reducing consumption, as well as improve the work efficiency is called on the country's environmental protection, is really kill two birds with one stone. Softening water equipment of different models, how to install a lot must be the difficulties faced by enterprises. Installation is bad, will affect the working efficiency of the equipment in the late. The static small make up take you understand softening uv water purifier installation tips, specific as follows: 1. Don't need to do to install the foundation, the foundation level; Away from the wall there is a certain gap, but according to actual situation by corner to decorate. 2. Inlet and outlet pipe for the standard flange or threaded connection, need fixed support is good, can't rely on the body, to prevent to produce stress. 3. The inlet pipe should be installed on the hydraulic pressure gauge. Equipment operation rinse water discharges from time to tome, the surrounding should be set to the nearest floor drain or drain; Tubes for no longer than 6 meters, don't stop valve, exports do not higher than that of the body, the terminal opening [ Lest produce siphon] , elbow, less is more. 4. Inlet pressure, such as less than 0. 2 mpa, you must add inline pump. 5. Before use must first flush piping, avoid impurities clogging body, pollution of resin. 6. Brine pipe: salt water tank should be close to soften the pot, salt water pipe as short as possible. 7. In the settlement distribution near the wall socket, the equipment should be equipped with fuses [ Generally don't outfit switch] Good for grounding. Just beautiful quiet small make up to you at 7 o 'clock, of course, the above summary of common attention, each customer also, analyzing the specific issues and flexible application. Only the equipment installation procedures, can maximize insures the safe running of the demineralized water equipment. In this regard, the city water treatment equipment co. , LTD. , has many years of service experience. Welcome in need of a customer calls inquiry. Read this article also read: how to do a good job of demineralized water equipment maintenance [boiler industry] softening plant resin regeneration steps
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