Demineralized water equipment installation before really don't do any preparation work, Resolved)

by:Tepro     2020-11-10
If there is a scale will make the boiler in the boiler heat transfer performance degradation, softened water equipment installation really don't do any preparation work before? NO, softened water equipment prior to installation should also pay attention to some problems, below the demineralized water equipment installation and debugging preparatory work with us. 1, the location of the equipment field. 2, equipment power grounding inspection. 3, equipment, water piping arrangement. 4, the distance between the sewers and equipment. 5, adequate inspection of raw water source. Running stability of a set of equipment, production quality is not only determined by the overall quality of the equipment, and proper softening water equipment installation, debugging, whether reasonable is also related to the stable operation of the equipments condition and production situation on the use of the equipment, so the water softening equipment for equipment installation and debugging should be strictly treat when preparations for equipment installation and debugging can be completed smoothly. Small make up remind you, too, of course, softened uv water purifier need to pay attention to maintenance, regularly to salt and solid particles in the salt, It is forbidden to add salt and iodized salt) , must ensure that the salt in the salt solution in the supersaturated state. Add salt to pay attention to don't will spill salt into the solid particles in the brine well, prevent the valve in salt salt bridge, on block salt absorption line. Due to solid particle salt containing a certain amount of impurities, a large number of impurities will deposit in the bottom part of salt, salt block valve, so regular cleaning of salt department at the bottom of the impurities.
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