Demineralized water equipment daily maintenance of six major matters

by:Tepro     2020-12-03
Pure source small make up for you in the previous articles explained some considerations about the softening water equipment installation, the following we went on to explain the demineralized uv water purifier maintenance in daily life, hope to help you. 1, equipment in daily use to ensure that the input voltage of current is stable, thus preventing burning electric control device. 2, equipment, electric control device to be installed outside of a sealing cover, to prevent electrical control device be affected with damp be affected with damp and water. 3, to salt and solid particles in the salt (on a regular basis It is forbidden to add salt and iodized salt) , must ensure that the salt in the salt solution in the supersaturated state. 4, add salt, we don't put salt and solid particles in the brine well, prevent the raw salt bridge on salt valve, the congestion salt absorption line. 5, regular inspection equipment of the jet, and salt pipeline gas tightness is intact, prevent leakage and affect the use effect. 6, equipment each year to conduct a disassembly, cleaning up and down the water, and quartz sand cushion impurities. That is pure demineralized water source small make up to you to explain some of the equipment maintenance in daily life, if you still have what not understand, welcome to continue to focus on our website, we will not regularly update more information for you.
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