Cleaning Guide For Ultraviolet Disinfection Of Swimming Pool

Cleaning Guide For Ultraviolet Disinfection Of Swimming Pool


UV UV disinfection technology has been used in our country for many years, but ultraviolet filter is not long in the pool industry. Initially, UV is used to remove and control the combined residual chlorine (chloramine) in the indoor swimming pool and to add secondary disinfection. Now, as people's attention to health is increasing, and the development of the market maturity of the pool, the demand for ultraviolet disinfection equipment will become more and more extensive. The subject system will be discussed today around the pool's ultraviolet disinfection equipment.


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The harm of chloramine

Talking about the management of the pool, it is inevitable that the main character _ "chloramine" of our problem will be involved.


As for chloramine, you're not a stranger, and the unique pungent smell in the swimming pool is mainly chloramine, and we often think that it's too much chlorine.


The traditional pool manager, while attempting a lot of control of chloramine, doesn't seem to be satisfactory. In many modern facilities, the accumulation of chloramine in air is not uncommon, and its hazards are also multi-directional:

1. Harmful to the breathing and health of users and staff


2. The corrosion of the swimming pool is accelerated, and the life cycle of the building is shortened. In particular, stainless steel equipment (lifeguard, handrail, springboard, springboard, etc.) may cause discoloration and corrosion.


3. In addition, the air handling equipment of the swimming pool may be affected, and the chloramine in the air will also have corrosion to the air treatment equipment and increase the potential maintenance cost.


4. Due to the production of chloramine, the cost of chlorine preparation will be greatly increased.


The increase in these costs is usually not explicit, resulting in pool managers may ignore it.


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The advantages of ultraviolet filter of chloramine


1. Medium pressure ultraviolet (UV) destroys all chloramines, monochloramines, dichloroamines and trichloroamines. To a great extent, the potential damage to indoor people is greatly reduced.


2. Ultraviolet disinfection equipment, high integration, low maintenance costs. Save the time and energy of the operator.


3. Only energy is required, and no additional chemical reagents are required. And the chemical cost required by the chlorine preparation is effectively saved.


4. Ultraviolet filter radiation can automatically and continuously reduce chloramine compounds in pool water, significantly reduce the exhaust and pollution of swimming pool air, create a healthier and more comfortable indoor environment, and prolong the service life of buildings and equipment.


5. The scope of application of ultraviolet light is wide: it is common to all aquatic environments, including outdoor facilities such as active recreational pool, competition pool, spray system, treatment pool, children's pool, hydrotherapy pool and diving pool.


6. Ultraviolet filter chloromicroorganisms, with a significant killing effect, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.


7. The overall cost of pool operations is significantly reduced: UV equipment helps to balance the load of chlorine, so free chlorine can be maintained at a lower level. Due to the reduction of the use of chlorine, fewer chlorinated by-products are produced, less required pH buffers, less chemicals required for the total pH adjustment, and the less likely the potential to be produced.

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