Central air disinfection purification solution technology advantage

by:Tepro     2020-07-23

the end of the dynamic disinfection system using central air conditioning air conditioning air power plant to forced circulation of indoor air, make indoor air - through the core components - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Disinfection fan, set up special disinfection in the fan in high intensity uv lamp combination, within a reasonable under the irradiation of ultraviolet irradiation intensity, specially design calculation, realize the instantaneous sterilization. The system and assist in activated carbon filtration system, negative oxygen ion generator and other means to realize the continuous disinfection of indoor air in some conditions, That is, 'dynamic disinfection') , its disinfection purification level can be reached the requirements of medical environment of class II, and have the function of the dispel peculiar smell, the fresh air.

the system adopts the intelligent modular control, the main functions are: cumulative working hours that the tubes, the work time display, temperature control and disinfection functions, setting the continuous/discontinuous sterilization, disinfection system timing self-checking and fault alarm function, realized the man-machine interaction, good to ensure the stable disinfection effect.

the system's main features:

1, simple configuration, easy installation.

at the end of the system is to use function of disinfection purification ( Fan coil units, air conditioning, fresh air units, etc. ) The end of the alternatives to traditional central air conditioning, and in the air duct mounted in the pipeline air disinfector, to strengthen the disinfection effect of continuity and stability. The system involves only air circulation system in the central air conditioning system, for the central air conditioning host, does not affect the performance of pipe system.

2, disinfection completely, fast.

because with the help of the central air conditioning system of air power plant, make indoor air flow is stable, disinfection without blocking, no dead Angle; Don't have to worry about in and out of the personnel may also bring bacteria spread - cross - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hold on the air disinfection in some condition.

3, safe non-toxic side effects, easy to operate.

special low ozone ultraviolet lamp be airtight installation in the central air conditioning system, no ultraviolet radiation leaks, the in-situ test, the zhejiang province center for disease control in disinfection of fan coil units from 30 cm ultraviolet irradiating intensity is only 0. 01 - 0. 02? w/cm? With the natural content is quite in the air.

humanized function set, simply press key can automatically open air disinfection, greatly reduced the disinfection work intensity ( Such as spray disinfection need someone who's in charge) 。

4, disinfection, the cost is low.

this system has realized the organic combination of disinfection system and central air conditioning system, do not need to acquire additional disinfection purification equipment, disinfection investment cost is low, and can according to Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ class environment, the requirement of the actual circumstances of the design, greatly reduce the comprehensive cost of the air disinfection; Can also according to the room layout, points, shard specific configuration and renovation.

5, and realize the dynamic maintenance of air conditioning system.

through the system, the central air conditioning system has carried on the dynamic disinfection and maintenance, to avoid the air conditioner coil mold breed, effectively prolong the service life of the central air conditioning system, reduce the operation cost of central air conditioning system

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