Can ultraviolet ozone lamps eliminate mites?

by:Tepro     2021-04-16
Can ultraviolet ozone lamps eliminate mites? Ultraviolet ozone lamp can eliminate mites. The scientific research experiment results show that the killing rate of ozone on bacteria and viruses is much higher than that of ultraviolet rays. Ozone is easy to dissolve in water, and its solubility in water is about 13 times that of oxygen. After dissolving in water The ozone has stronger disinfection and sterilization ability. Most ozone is harmful in small amounts, and the amount acceptable to ordinary people is not more than one percent. A small amount can be refreshing and has many effects. Ozone can kill mites. The use of ozone for disinfection is better than chemical disinfection and ultraviolet radiation. It has a fast sterilization speed and a better sterilization effect under high humidity. Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen. The uv lamp with ozone function, but its ultraviolet radiation intensity is higher than that of ordinary ultraviolet lamps. Ozone generation is its 'incidental' function, so the amount of ozone it produces obviously cannot be compared with a 'full-time' ozone machine. When ultraviolet light is irradiated, ozone will be generated due to oxidation. If the intensity of ultraviolet light is high, it will produce more ozone. The penetration of ultraviolet light is very weak (generally, the distance between the light source and the surface of the object when used to disinfect the surface of the object cannot exceed 1. The uv lamp with ozone function is better to use, because it uses ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and bacteria at the same time. Ozone sterilizes and cleans the air at the same time. Sufficient concentration and long enough time can kill mites. There are videos of such experiments abroad, and I have seen them. But ordinary concentrations of ozone gas are used for room disinfection. That kind of high cost may not work. Don’t be too superstitious about this smell. Ozone has a very strong killing effect on viruses. For example, Poloi virus loses its activity in 2 minutes when the ozone concentration is 0.05-0.45 mg/L. In ozone The concentration is 0.3, the cost is mg/L, and it will be completed in 2.4 min. Related product: ultraviolet ozone lamp
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