Can ultraviolet germicidal lamps kill the new coronavirus?

by:Tepro     2021-05-05
Can ultraviolet germicidal lamps kill the new coronavirus? Due to the impact of this epidemic, many disinfection products have been sold out. Masks, disinfection water, alcohol, etc., as long as they are in contact with antivirus, have been robbed. Today, a customer asked Our 'Can ultraviolet germicidal lamps kill the new coronavirus?' UV lamp manufacturers: There are three types of ultraviolet rays in sunlight, among which ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 100 to 275 nm can destroy microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, chlamydia, etc.) DNA, play a bactericidal effect. Medical ultraviolet lamps, also known as ultraviolet germicidal lamps (UV lamps), are actually a kind of low-pressure mercury lamps. Like ordinary fluorescent lamps, they use low-pressure mercury vapor; the light-emitting spectrum of medical ultraviolet lamps is mainly 254 nm and 185 nm. Article. 254 nm ultraviolet rays kill bacteria by irradiating the DNA of microorganisms. 185 nm ultraviolet rays can turn O2 in the air into O3 (ozone), and ozone itself has a sterilizing effect. According to the newly released 'Quick Guide for Diagnosis and Treatment of Novel Coronavirus PneumoniaTherefore, medical ultraviolet lamps are effective in killing viruses. In addition, if ultraviolet lamps are used for disinfection in the home, family members must leave the disinfected room during the disinfection period to avoid damage caused by ultraviolet rays (UV rays are a risk factor for various types of skin cancer). Pay attention to room ventilation after disinfection. Finally remind everyone to take protective measures, safety first;
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