Can the farm use ultraviolet germicidal lamps

by:Tepro     2021-03-13
In the production and breeding process of modern animal husbandry enterprises, in order to reduce the impact on the environment of the breeding farm and its surrounding areas, they often adopt closed or semi-closed types. However, because the environment in most farms is humid and rich in negative nutrients, it is easy to breed corruption. Bacteria and viruses harmful to the environment and humans! At this time, effective sterilization measures are essential. Among the various methods of sterilization and disinfection, due to its remarkable effect and no secondary pollution, uv light sterilizer and disinfection can effectively prevent the occurrence of epidemics. In recent years, it has been widely used in the breeding and feed industries by many advanced enterprises. At the beginning of the millennium, the SARS virus ravaged the land of China, and the people talked about 'non'. Nowadays, epidemic viruses such as malaria, dengue fever and African swine fever are still threatening our survival and health. Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are because of their speed, simplicity and The attributes of high efficiency and low cost are quickly entering the production and breeding farms of many modern animal husbandry enterprises, escorting the source of the people's dining table. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp mainly simulates the ultraviolet wavelength in the sunlight. The internal mercury atom is ionized and emits 253.7nm ultraviolet light, which combines with the peak wavelength absorbed by the virus and bacteria to limit the free growth of the virus from the inside of the bacteria. The intensity is several times that of sunlight, and the bacteria and viruses in the covered area can be reduced to a safe index in a short time. Facing the needs of cooperative enterprises and promoting the realization of the strategic goal of 'Healthy China 2020Sexual research has yielded fruitful research results. A series of UV disinfection and germicidal lamps developed by science and technology for large-scale animal husbandry enterprises. It combines simplicity with high efficiency and low cost, no secondary pollution, and low maintenance costs. It is very suitable for the air environment of large-scale animal husbandry farms and their surrounding areas. Use for disinfection and sterilization. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp developed by the Institute of Science and Technology strictly implements the national GB19258-2012 standard. The product quality and intensity meets the national standard requirements. It is a one-stop professional supporting. The product service life is up to 12,000 hours and the light attenuation within the effective life is less than 25% (test provided, only for reference). Principle of ultraviolet sterilization:    The 253.7nm light emitted by the ultraviolet germicidal lamp matches the absorption spectrum of nucleic acid in microbial cells, thereby destroying the molecular structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in microbial cells, causing growth Sexual cell death and (or) regenerative cell death, to achieve the effect of sterilization. Each kind of microorganism has its specific ultraviolet death dose threshold. The ultraviolet dose (K) is the product of the irradiation intensity (I) and the irradiation time (t): Ku003dIt. It can be seen from the formula that high-intensity short-time or low-intensity long-term irradiation can achieve the same effect. However, studies have pointed out that if the intensity of the ultraviolet light source is lower than 40μW/cm², the prolonged irradiation time will not have a satisfactory sterilization effect.   Precautions for using ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamps in farms:    1. Ultraviolet radiation will cause damage to the eyes and skin of humans and animals. Please pay attention to protection when using it.   2. Pay attention to the clear-space irradiation and disinfection area when performing ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection to avoid damage to the farmed poultry due to long-term exposure. The third party report on the sterilization ability of the ultraviolet lamp: (distance 2.5 meters, 60 minutes of irradiation, the killing rate of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is more than 99%)
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