Can I make my own UV ozone lamp?

by:Tepro     2021-04-16
Can I make my own UV-ozone lamp? How to start with UV lamp disinfection? Purchase a disinfection and sterilization UV lamp with a wavelength of 254nm. The sterilization ability of this wavelength is the most powerful, and the sterilization efficiency can reach more than 99%. UV penetration is poor, so When sterilizing, it should be directly irradiated on the surface of the object, and the distance from the irradiated object should not exceed 1 meter. When disinfecting indoors, doors and windows should be closed and personnel should be avoided. The irradiation time should not be less than half an hour. After the disinfection is completed, adequate ventilation and ventilation UV rays will damage the skin. And the cornea, so do not directly touch the human body, and do not stare, especially children. How to self-control? Ultraviolet lamps can be self-made. During the epidemic, some hospitals where uv water purifier equipment is in short supply have also adopted self-made ultraviolet lamps to relieve the pressure of clinical disinfection. ▲The hospital produces ultraviolet lamps. There are two lamps with different wavelengths. One is ozone-containing (185nm wavelength) and the other is ozone-free (254nm wavelength). Regarding the harm of ozone to the human body, Xiao Hei will not discuss it here. In short, the first step of self-made: you need a 30W ozone-free (254nm wavelength). ▲The hazard of ozone to the human body, then look for an old-fashioned lamp holder with ballast, or a lamp holder with electronic ballast (note: LED lamp holders cannot be used), there are many connection circuit diagrams on the Internet, after connection It is a complete set. ▲Ultraviolet lamp (left) and mobile ultraviolet lamp (right) are also not difficult to make a mobile ultraviolet lamp. You can make a lamp holder (it can be fixed to the mobile drip holder in the hospital scene), fix the 30W ultraviolet lamp on it, and add a long power cord to complete it. Finally, Xiao Hei would like to remind one more sentence: General households should avoid excessive disinfection of ultraviolet lamps. The human body has its own system to regulate allergies. If it is left in a sterile environment for a long time, the immune system will not be able to fully function and will be more susceptible to pathogens. Before using the ultraviolet lamp at home, please read the instruction manual of the ultraviolet lamp carefully, and keep your eyes and away from the disinfected area to avoid being burned by the ultraviolet rays. To learn more, you can click on
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