Can an ultraviolet lamp kill Novel coronavirus pneumonia?

Can an ultraviolet lamp kill Novel coronavirus pneumonia?


At present, many countries are troubled by a Novel coronavirus pneumonia, as we know more and more about the Novel coronavirus pneumonia, many people want to know whether ultraviolet lamp can kill a COVID-19.

Under normal circumstances, ultraviolet lamp is not able to kill COVID-19, ultraviolet lamp is a kind of household disinfection appliance, can play a role in eliminating bacteria on the skin and clothing bacteria, there is no obvious coronavirus eradication.

Ultraviolet sterilization mainly ACTS on nucleic acids, making proteins affected and thus inactivated, so whether it is skin, bacteria, viruses, fungi, most have the effect. The ultraviolet lamp commonly used is uv-c type, with the main band of 253.7nm, which can act on the genetic material DNA of organisms, causing DNA damage and resulting in bacterial death. There is also a band of 185nm, which is often referred to as the ozone ultraviolet lamp, and the air can produce strong oxidation of ozone, can also effectively destroy bacteria.

COVID-19 is human-to-human transmission, we should do a good job in weekdays protection, during the virus spread, try not to go to a place where there are many people, when going out to wear a surgical mask to prevent the virus from entering the body, try not to reuse the mask can not be used for too long, so as not to cause bacterial growth.

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Principle of ultraviolet lamp disinfection

Simply put, it USES high-energy ultraviolet light to break the structure of DNA, making it incapable of reproducing and replicating itself, thus killing bacteria. And in the process of ultraviolet lamp sterilizing, still can produce ozone, ozone itself can destroy the structure of virus gradually from outside and inside, achieve sterilizing effect thereby. Therefore, the use of ultraviolet lamp disinfection, can be said to be double sterilization. The effective sterilization of ultraviolet lamp requires certain requirements. It is necessary to pay attention to the wavelength, irradiation dose and time of the ultraviolet light source, that is, it must be the deep ultraviolet light of UVC band with the wavelength of 280nm or less. It must meet certain irradiation dose and time for different bacteria and viruses, otherwise it cannot be inactivated.

Precautions for sterilization with ultraviolet lamp

1.the ultraviolet ray can only along the straight line transmission, penetration ability is weak, any paper, lead glass, plastic will greatly reduce the intensity of irradiation. When this disinfection should make disinfection place is exposed adequately to ultraviolet ray as far as possible.

2. Wipe the lamp tube regularly. Use in the process, should keep lamp tube surface clean, wipe with alcohol cotton ball every week, discover lamp tube surface has dust, when grease should be wiped at any time, lest affect ultraviolet penetration rate and illuminate intensity

3. Indoor air disinfection: no less than 1.5W per square meter, no less than 30min of irradiation time, and less than 2m away from the ground. The room should be kept clean and dry to reduce dust and fog. When the temperature is lower than 20℃ or higher than 40℃ and the relative humidity is more than 60%, the irradiation time should be extended appropriately.

4. Object surface disinfection: the distance between the lamp tube and the object surface should not exceed 1 meter, and the irradiation surface should be used to receive direct irradiation, and should reach enough irradiation dose (when killing bacterial spores, it should reach 100000uw.s /cm).

5. in the use of ultraviolet lamp irradiation disinfection, it should be prohibited to be present, in order to avoid direct exposure to the eyes and skin of the person injured by ultraviolet, not to use the eye light directly lit the lamp tube. PS: for some restaurants and homes used to destroy mosquitoes of the small ultraviolet lamp, their luminous principle is different, you need not worry.

6. Irradiation distance

When ultraviolet lamp is being used, pay attention to illuminate distance even, namely the distance of the lamp to be illuminated object. Will tell commonly, the appropriate distance of ultraviolet lamp is in 1-2 meters between, because this is being used, had better place to the center position of the space. The disinfection characteristic of ultraviolet lamp is cover, the place that namely lamplight covers to just can be disinfected, reduce the keep out of lamplight as far as possible when this is being used, some goods such as quilt can spread out to illuminate disinfection.

In general, the use of ultraviolet lamp disinfection for the Novel coronavirus pneumonia(NCP) is effective, but its role is limited, the scope of small irradiation and coverage of the use of radiation has limitations, and improper use will cause damage to the body, so we need to be careful when using ultraviolet lamp sterilization.

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