Can 365 nm uv disinfection

by:Tepro     2020-07-24

in the face of a new type of coronavirus, everyone tried all the methods to eliminate it, see WeiJianWei said uv has certain effect to the virus, many users take out oneself or unit of 365 nm uv light to deal with the new coronavirus, but this kind of long wave ultraviolet lamp for the virus is not to kill effect.

WeiJianWei control scheme in the fourth edition of the new coronavirus pneumonia say this:

'new coronavirus belongs to the beta of the genus coronavirus, genetic characteristics and SARSr - CoV and MERSr - CoV have obvious difference. The virus is sensitive to ultraviolet light and heat, 56 ℃ for 30 minutes, ether and 75% ethanol and chloroform, chlorine disinfectants, peracetic acid such as grease solvent can be inactivated virus effectively. '

can inactivate new coronavirus is short-wave ultraviolet ray!

only shortwave ultraviolet ray can be decomposed virus RNA structure, make the virus is inactive, if home have a short-wave ultraviolet lamp or air disinfector with ultraviolet lamp can be used out, short-wave ultraviolet lamp with 354 nm and 185 nm, 185 nm uv lamp is a type of ozone ultraviolet lamp, light, can produce a large amount of ozone in the air.

ozone oxidation ability is extremely strong, bacteria inside the degradation of glucose enzyme will be needed to ozone oxidation decomposition, makes the TCA cycle can't of, can lead to cell life activities required for ATP outages, killed bacteria and ozone can also directly with bacteria, viruses, breaking them organelles and DNA, RNA, and let the metabolism of bacteria is damaged, the bacteria die, also can through the cell membrane, invading cells, acting on the outer membrane of lipoprotein and internal fat polysaccharide, to dissolve bacteria permeability distortion and death.

conditional word, can buy a portable short-wave ultraviolet lamp, will settle on surfaces with a virus, can holding direct illuminate an object's surface, instantaneous elimination by coronavirus.

operation when the ultraviolet light disinfection to pay special attention to the following:

operation uv ultraviolet lamp, please be sure to wear protective glasses.

please do not directly with bare skin.

please do not look straight tubes or exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays others eyes.

if it is a type of ozone ultraviolet lamp, do not stay in the room when open, closed after the ultraviolet lamp, be sure to open a window ventilated.

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