Be careful when using UV disinfection lamps

by:Tepro     2021-03-15
When disinfecting with a UV disinfection lamp, there are several precautions: 1. When disinfecting with a UV lamp, leave the area exposed to ultraviolet rays. After turning on the light, the operator should leave quickly. Generally speaking, the one or two minutes when the light is turned on and off will not cause any major problems for people. If conditions permit, you can choose to wear safety glasses for operation. In public places, if you encounter ultraviolet disinfection, you should avoid it in time, and pay special attention to prevent children with thin stratum corneum from entering the ultraviolet radiation area by mistake. 2. It is advisable to control the irradiation time of the uv lamp at 30 minutes to 1 hour; in order to ensure the effective disinfection, the ultraviolet lamp should be placed at a slightly higher position, at least 1 meter above the ground. 3. It is recommended to open the window for ventilation for more than 20 minutes before entering a room after use, because the ultraviolet lamp with ozone is not only harmful to the eyes, but also damages the bare skin. u003cbru003eWhat should I pay attention to when using ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamps? u003cbru003eUltraviolet disinfection lamp uses ultraviolet rays with high radiation intensity to achieve sterilization and disinfection. It has the characteristics of good disinfection effect and is widely used in hospitals and catering industries. If the uv lamp is not used correctly, it will bring more serious harm. Common hazards are: 1. lamps can cause red, swollen, painful and teary eyes, and may cause eye keratitis and conjunctivitis. Long-term exposure to the eyes will cause damage and may induce cataracts. Therefore, when using ultraviolet disinfection lamps lamps, people try not to stay in the room. 2. When the skin is exposed to ultraviolet disinfection lamps, it can cause redness, pain, scaling and other changes. If exposed for a long time, it may cause skin cancer and skin tumors.
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