Basic Knowledge Of Ultraviolet Sterilizing Lamp

Basic Knowledge Of Ultraviolet Sterilizing Lamp


The germicidal lamp is a low-pressure mercury lamp. Low-pressure mercury lamp use low mercury vapor pressure (< 10-2pa) to be excited and emit ultraviolet light. There are mainly two spectral lines: one is 253.7nm wavelength; The other is 185nm, both of which are invisible to the eyes.

Fluorescent lamps used for lighting are also low-pressure mercury lamps. They emit ultraviolet light after being excited by low-pressure mercury vapor. Among them, the ultraviolet light of the wavelength of 254nm shines on the phosphors and then emits visible light

Sterilization lamp do not need to be converted to visible light, the wavelength of 253.7 nm can have very good remove bacteria effect, this is because the cells of absorption lines there is a law of light waves, are in 250 ~ 270 nm uv absorption, uv actually is absorbed on the cellular genetic material or DNA, it plays a allochromatic, ultraviolet photons energy absorbed by the base pairs of DNA, cause mutation genetic material, make the bacteria died instantly or cannot reproduce, achieve the purpose of sterilization.


Made of fluorescent lamp and energy-saving lamps use common glass, 253.7 nm ultraviolet through not to come out, can't used for sterilization lamp, quartz glass for uv transmittance is high, at 90%, is to do the sterilization lamp material, but the performance of the quartz glass and common glass there's a big difference in performance (mainly the thermal expansion coefficient of different), seal cannot use ordinary high degree of automation of round seal way, which makes the germicidal lamp manufacturing technology content than ordinary energy-saving lamps.


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