As food demineralized water softening water equipment and industrial equipment?

by:Tepro     2020-11-10
Soft water ( 柔软的水) Refers to the soluble calcium and magnesium compounds with less or no water. Laundry demineralized water equipment not easily with soap scum, soft water and hard water instead. Natural soft water generally refers to the river, river, lake, Fresh water lake) Water. The softening hard water refers to the calcium salt and magnesium salt content is reduced to 1. After 0 ~ 50 mg/l get demineralized water. Although boiling can be temporarily hard water into a soft water, but if using this method to deal with a lot of water in industry, is highly economical. Demineralized uv water purifier widely used in steam boiler, hot water boiler, switches, evaporative condenser, air conditioning, direct-fired machine system such as make-up water softening. Can also be used in hotels, restaurants, office buildings, apartment, home life such as water treatment and food, beverage, wine, laundry, printing and dyeing, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries to soften water treatment. Industrial softened water equipment fouling ingredient, only consider to remove the water inside contain chemical characteristics, regardless of the people and not drinkable. Food grade effluent achieve human drinking standard of softened water equipment, no toxic food grade demineralized water equipment cannot be used for drinking water to drink for a long time, softened water equipment, said: Na ions in the water. Much, drink too much is bad for the body, Prone to disease of heart, brain, blood vessels) 。
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