Aquatic animals box germicidal lamp use and taboos

by:Tepro     2020-03-13
Many ornamental fish players heard of germicidal lamp, also there are a lot of people seen germicidal lamp, is also very few people familiar with the correct way of using the germicidal lamp, today I will explain it in detail for all pet fish amateurs germicidal lamp seconds and taboos. Fish tank with germicidal lamp and UV lamp, also called ultraviolet germicidal lamp, industry is called the low pressure mercury lamp. The UV rays of light have different wavelengths, some people see, so you can see the sterilization lamp light, only the spectral no antiseptic function; Part of this are invisible to the eye, such as a 253. 7 nm ultraviolet (uv) and a 185 - nm ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet rays are invisible to the human eye. Although issued two uv germicidal lamp, but only a useful - — 253. Article 7 nm that one, this is today's leading role. The other is a extras. In 253. 7 nm tank in bacteria and algae, the ultraviolet radiation can destroy their chromosomes, and kill them. This is the reason why fish aquarium use sterilization lamp. Ornamental fish germicidal lamp is not mysterious, but ultraviolet itself is very mysterious, ultraviolet ray is divided into: UVA, UVB and UVC and vacuum ultraviolet, their difference is the wavelength is different. Sunshine from the sun itself contains more than four kinds of uv, but after the earth's ozone layer and the clouds, only the UVA and UVB rays. And UVA and UVB rays is a little antiseptic and kill alga ability! Really have strong sterilization ability is UVC. While UVC wavelength is 280 nm, — 200 nm, pet fish tank with the effective wavelength of the sterilization lamp is 253. 7 nm, exactly UVC! This part of the ultraviolet ray is absorbed by the ozone layer, so as in your aquarium is useless UVA and UVB rays. Don't move the bacteria mainly nitrifying bacteria, they all the year round on the filter material, living very moist. Bacteria were killed by sterilization lamp is swimming with the current mold. This part of the mold and divided into two kinds: the beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria. You are in the process of using the sterilization lamp sterilization, in addition to kill the harmful bacteria, also cause killed a lot of beneficial bacteria, such as actinomyces. A little common sense fish friends all know that harmful bacteria is endless! As long as we keep the water quality is good, even if a small number of harmful bacteria found in fish tank, also just as well. Appropriate the presence of harmful bacteria, for the pet fish immune system itself is good, what do you say? Pet fish tank in odor from fish poop and food residue degradation after the formation of hydrogen sulfide. Long time don't clean up the dirty aquarium will produce fish stink; at that time, open the germicidal lamp, kill bacteria have corruption function of different camp, prevents the generation of hydrogen sulfide, nature is no longer a bad smell. But, this is take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, the method of periodic cleaning and filtering filter cotton storehouse is the right thing to do. Here mainly said is pet fish aquarium of dissociation algae - — The most common is chlorella. Chlorella was the cause of green water tank. Fish tank after the outbreak of chlorella, actually the pet fish itself without any harm, just affected the spectator. If your tank outbreak of algae, open the germicidal lamp, for three consecutive days, a week after the open four hours a day, after a week to two hours. After massive death of who be worth to remind is: chlorella, aquarium will appear a lot of corruption, you need instant cleaning filter cotton, best part to add to your tank bacillus and denitrifying bacteria. For ornamental fish tank, the water quality in the premise of no problem, use no more than two hours a day. If the fish is sick, or algae, can increase the opening time according to specific situation. Germicidal lamp can be placed in the inlet, can also be placed in an outlet, there are also fish placed in the middle of the circulation channel. Germicidal lamp three big taboo - — Don't follow! Not according to fish! Did not as filter material! Did not as people: UVC wavelengths of ultraviolet rays can damage the eyes and skin. Every time look to open the sterilization lamp shall not exceed 10 seconds. If you accidentally burns, it is recommended to use eye drops to clean, and then go to a doctor. Not according to the fish: someone said, according to fish for three hours in a row, the sterilization lamp pet fish will die. In fact this is exaggerated. Breakdown and scale scale personally tested, according to three days in a row, the fish also won't die! But the fish will be severely burned. Embodied in: severe congestion and part of the skin lesions of the body surface of pet fish, and fish eye basic blind off. Did not as filter material: filter material it was full of nitrifying bacteria.
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