Application of UVC ultraviolet germicidal lamp in nucleic acid extraction instrument

by:Tepro     2021-03-22
Nucleic Acid Extractor Aerosol # Combat epidemic, we are in action# According to the daily information released by the national and local health and health commissions, as of 2020.4.5, a total of 82,930 cases of new coronary pneumonia have been confirmed in China, and a total of 77,237 cases have been cured. There are 2355 confirmed cases, and the existing confirmed cases have been cleared in 316 cities. The Joint Prevention and Control Office of the National Health Commission stated: The peak of this epidemic in China has passed, the number of new cases has continued to decline, and the overall epidemic has remained relatively low. Low level, foreign defense import has become the top priority of China's epidemic prevention and control. In the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, under the current medical technology system in my country and around the world, in the extraction of virus samples, nucleic acid extraction testing and CT testing have become important detection methods for COVID-19 coronavirus. The automatic nucleic acid extractor is an instrument that uses matching nucleic acid extraction reagents to automatically complete the nucleic acid extraction of samples. It is an indispensable instrument for the separation and purification of biological molecules in each laboratory. Nucleic acid extractors are divided into two categories. One type is a large-scale automated laboratory experiment instrument, generally called an automatic liquid workstation; the other type is a small-scale automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument, which uses packaged supporting reagents to automatically complete the extraction and purification process. Take the working principle of the automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument as an example. When the automatic nucleic acid extraction system is working, aerosol pollution will occur. The World Health Organization report has pointed out that viruses or bacteria can spread through aerosols over long distances and cause large-scale infections in a short period of time. Looking back on the past, industry insiders pointed out that researchers have found clear evidence of SARS virus transmission through air aerosol routes. Secondly, the H5N1 avian influenza virus also has evidence of transmission through aerosol routes. In view of the 80% genetic sequence similarity between the new coronavirus and SARS, it is speculated that the physical properties of the new coronavirus and SARS may be similar, and the possibility of aerosol transmission is not ruled out. In the detection of COVID-19 coronavirus nucleic acid, DNA pollution existing on laboratory desktops, instruments, consumables and air will cause serious interference to the detection experiment, especially the DNA molecules carried by aerosols (one aerosol can carry Thousands of DNA), floating in the air, difficult to eliminate. DNA/RNA aerosol contamination can occur during PCR amplification. A very small amount of aerosol pollution can cause false positive results, which may cause contamination of the entire PCR laboratory, resulting in a high probability of false negative events in the new coronary pneumonia nucleic acid test, and even close the laboratory in serious cases. At present, the conventional methods to treat aerosol pollution are: alcohol wipe, ultraviolet radiation, high pressure denaturation. To remove DNA pollution, you can choose ultraviolet lamp sterilization. Compared with the filter adsorption method, ultraviolet radiation is a more efficient method of killing. For conventional ultraviolet radiation, it is recommended to choose a suitable ultraviolet lamp according to the volume of the container or space. It is worth noting that if you want to remove DNA contamination instead of just sterilization, conventional ultraviolet radiation is recommended to be extended to 2 hours to effectively kill viral aerosols and bacteria in the space. The DC12V/24V low-voltage DC UV lamp is independently developed by science and technology. According to the current situation of epidemic prevention and control and the need for biosafety protection and space disinfection protection measures, it is effectively suitable for precision disinfection testing instruments, water quality analysis instruments, and blood virus inactivation Detector, intelligent robot and vending machine, express delivery meal box and other fields. The DC12V/24V low-voltage direct current ultraviolet lamp has the invention patent for rapid ultraviolet selection, and the single lamp has high uv light sterilizer strength and short sterilization time; at the same time, it has obtained the national utility model patent certificate and the special ultraviolet ballast CE certification and the uv light sterilizer CE and ROHS dual certification; passed Guangdong Province Microbiological Analysis and Testing Center analysis report, when using DC12V/24V low voltage direct current ultraviolet lamp to irradiate a specific detection area, the killing rate of Escherichia coli in the irradiated area is greater than 99%, and the killing rate of mold is greater than 95% (experimental test data, only For reference), in line with national disinfection technical specifications.
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