Application Of Ultraviolet Sterilizing Lamp In Aquaculture

Application Of Ultraviolet Sterilizing Lamp In Aquaculture


一、The use of ultraviolet sterilizing lamp:

1. Industrial aquaculture (sea / fresh water)

2. Aquatic product processing water sterilization.

3. Disinfection of water quality in aquariums and swimming pools

4. water supply and sterilization treatment of domestic sewage in residential areas

5. Disinfection of hospital sewage

6. Disinfection of water in food processing industry

7. Other water quality sterilization and disinfection treatment.

二、The application of ultraviolet sterilizing lamp in aquaculture

Ultraviolet light is a spectrum in the solar spectrum with a wavelength of 2 k. People often see it in hospitals or restaurants, because ultraviolet light has the function of killing harmful bacteria and protecting people's health.


Use ultraviolet radiation to destroy the cell tissues of bacteria, viruses and aquatic algae in water and kill them. Prevent the occurrence of epidemic situation of cultured fish or muddy landscape water. At the same time, ultraviolet light can decompose ozone, which is an indispensable equipment in aquaculture water treatment or landscape water treatment.

 Tepro-Application Of Ultraviolet Sterilizing Lamp In Aquaculture

The wavelength emitted by ultraviolet sterilizing lamp is very destructive to microorganisms. When the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp is used to irradiate bacteria, the nucleoprotein and ribonucleic acid (D.N.A) of bacterial cells strongly absorb the energy of this band, thus opening and breaking the chain between them and causing bacterial death. Quartz bactericidal lamp, made of quartz glass, its ultraviolet radiation can effectively kill the virus, harmless to the human body. Used for air sterilization, water sterilization, fish tank sterilization and other disinfection; ozone-free sterilizing lamp, is made of special glass, its ultraviolet radiation can effectively kill the virus, and no ozone, harmless to the human body. There's an ozone sterilizing lamp. It's a collection. Made of high boron glass, it emits ultraviolet light, which is produced by ozone, which is harmful to the human body, but can kill bacteria that can't be irradiated by ultraviolet light. Submersible bactericidal lamp can be used in aquarium culture to kill bacteria, fungi and filtered toxic bacteria in water. It can change single-celled microorganisms and destroy deoxyribonucleic acid, thus killing fine floating organic protoorganisms in water and eliminating nuisance and harmful factors in aquariums. At the same time, it also has inhibitory effect on algae in aquarium.


In the field of aquaculture and ornamental fish culture, ultraviolet sterilization has been more and more widely used. In the field of aquaculture and aquarium culture, there are usually two problems: the reproduction of algae in water and fish disease. Most algae and bacterial viruses causing fish diseases can die and disintegrate in a few seconds under strong ultraviolet irradiation, so these two problems can be properly solved by ultraviolet sterilization.


In the pool purified by ultraviolet sterilization, more than 99% of the bacterial viruses will be killed, so fish will rarely get sick, thus increasing the culture yield. For ornamental fish, clean and aseptic water will make the fish more colorful.


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Under the irradiation of sunlight or artificial light source, algae in water, such as blue and green algae, will propagate in large quantities, and algae will consume oxygen nutrients in water, which will affect the normal growth of aquarium. Ultraviolet radiation can solve this problem. Let the cultured water cycle through a closed sterilizer equipped with ultraviolet lamp, the algae in the water will disintegrate and die under strong UVC ultraviolet radiation, recombine into a large molecular chain, and can eventually be filtered by the filtration system. In this reaction process, the flow rate of water and the power choice of bactericidal lamp are very important. In summer, the temperature is high, the algae propagates quickly, the flow rate of water should not be too fast, the power of ultraviolet lamp should be properly higher, and the opposite is true in winter. Ratio For example, a 36W Chuanglang quartz ultraviolet lamp can purify a 35000L pool. If the water body can not be purified, it is necessary to increase the power of ultraviolet light, or increase the number of lamps, at the same time, the flow rate of water should also be appropriate, the flow rate should not be too fast, to ensure that algae in the water to receive ultraviolet radiation time.

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In addition to the algae problem, fish disease is also a common problem in aquaculture. Ultraviolet radiation is very effective in killing bacteria in water that cause fish disease, such as white spot bacteria, which can be killed in three seconds under ultraviolet radiation. In particular, some new fish are added to the pond, which are likely to bring new germs into the ponds, or change the water in the ponds, and there may also be germs in the new water, all of which have to be sterilized by the ultraviolet system. The method is the same as the above treatment algae, let the water flow through the sterilizer equipped with ultraviolet lamp repeatedly, pay attention to ensure that the water receives ultraviolet radiation time not less than 3 seconds, otherwise kill the bacterial effect will be affected. Similarly, the power and number of UV lamps can be selected according to the water body size and ambient temperature conditions.


Usually, the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp for aquarium can be divided into two kinds, one is diving type, the other is tubular embedded lamp tube (both kinds of TEPRO have). We recommend the latter because its advantage is that the flow of water passes through the lamp, and the light reflecting device in the tube reduces the attenuation of light energy and improves the efficiency of sterilization; the outer part of the tube is an impermeable device, which avoids harm to the human eye because ultraviolet light is harmful to the human eye; it can be installed outside the cylinder, so the installation is more flexible and convenient. The disadvantage is that with the increase of use time, the inner wall of the tube is attached to sticky stolen goods and is not suitable for cleaning; again, the current reliable purple Outside sterilizing lamps are produced abroad at a more expensive price.


In general, ultraviolet sterilizing lamp is based on the exposure rate of 35000 microwatts per square cm. Using inner tube sterilizing lamp to control the sterilizing effect of sterilizing lamp on water can be controlled by the velocity of water flow through the lamp tube and the power of the lamp tube. The data mentioned above are not easy to calculate and understand, and here I provide you with a practical standard: 4 × 8 watts / 80 / 160 liters of water, 20 / 25 watts / 200 / 400 litres of water, and 40 watts for large aquariums. The water flow rate through the sterilizing lamp can be changed by changing the power of the connecting pump, in the above standard range, to a moderate The velocity of water can be (the speed of flow and ultraviolet light has little effect on water, but the slow effect of velocity is great).

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The effect of sterilizer as pond water purification is also related to the following aspects: solar irradiation intensity, pond depth, plant cover on water surface, local temperature.


But note that uv lamps only kill bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms, and the removal of solid particles and inorganic matter depends on the filtration system, so the perfect aquatic aquarium water treatment is done by the combination of uv sterilization system and filtration system.


The ultraviolet sterilizer is used for removing green algae in the pond. If used in the pond sterilization, consider the attenuation of the UV lamp radiation, and in order to ensure the sterilization effect, it is recommended that the user change the UV lamp for 8 to 10 months.


In fact, no matter whether the ozone or the ultraviolet light has certain common sense, it is also known that their advantages and disadvantages, the scientific and the safe use of their sterilization characteristics, can help us to keep the aquatic animals, Let them bring more benefits and efficiencies to your aquarium.

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