Application of Deep Ultraviolet Technology in Skin Sensation Effect

by:Tepro     2021-03-04
There were two popular names for skin feeling at first: one is the literal sense of 'skin textureDue to its good tactile and visual effects, the skin-sensing board has become a hot material in the furniture and decoration materials industry. 1. At present, the skin feel effect can generally be obtained by the following processing and coating technologies: 1. Membrane pressure technology: roll coating UV topcoat on the workpiece with the primer, and press the skin feel film The flat skin-feeling topcoat is cured by a UV light source to obtain a film-pressed skin-feel product. Membrane pressure technology is currently limited to the processing of flat products, and due to the limitation of the microstructure of the skin feel film, the timeliness of the product skin feel will be affected to a certain extent. At present, the application of membrane pressure technology in China, skin-feeling membranes are all one-time use, and the production cost is relatively high. 2. Coating technology. Self-drying paint (PU, water-based) can achieve skin feel through special paint formulations. PU skin-feel paint/water-based skin-feel paint has already achieved technological innovation in domestic related companies. 3. Deep ultraviolet skin feel processing technology. The modular system of deep-ultraviolet skin-sensing treatment lamps developed in the laboratory can be called the 'black technology' of UV skin-sensing curing technology. The skin-feel processing system is currently used in the production and application of skin-feel furniture, and will be combined with skin-feel materials such as organic plastics, leather and metal in the future. Technical principle: The acrylate double bond molecules in the UV coating formulation absorb deep ultraviolet radiation to generate free radicals, and no photoinitiator is used. At the same time, the penetration depth of UV ultraviolet rays is only 100nm-500nm. After the coating absorbs radiation, only a very thin layer of the surface is cured. The polymerization and crosslinking of this thin layer will shrink to form an uneven surface and float on On the uncured lower liquid, the surface matte effect is achieved. Deep-ultraviolet curing is carried out in a nitrogen environment, so that the oxygen concentration in the operating environment is lower than 100 ppm, and then conventional UV or electron beams are used for complete curing. At the same time, the polymerization and cross-linking of the surface in the ultraviolet band can provide high surface hardness and high coating density. This method of matting is called 'physical matting' because it does not require the use of matting agents. 2. Difficulties in skin-feel coating technology: 1. Color paint skin panels are prone to chromatic aberration. 2. It is difficult to accurately grasp the degree of UV curing. A technical foreign company (South Korea, Japan, Germany, etc.) has the control, the price of the whole product is high, and the deep ultraviolet skin feel technology has been applied to the surface of the flat wood. The UV primer is applied to the workpiece. Sensitive topcoat, after deep curing of LED, through ultra-dumb UV uv water purifier equipment, and then through conventional UV curing uv water purifier equipment, skin-feel products can be obtained. This technology is also suitable for a wide range of skin feel applications such as wooden doors, density boards, membrane switches, and paints.
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