Anti-epidemic has set off an upsurge of ultraviolet germicidal lamps, where will the industry go after the tide goes?

by:Tepro     2021-03-07
Anti-epidemic has set off an upsurge of ultraviolet germicidal lamps, where will the industry go after the tide goes? Source: Daily Economic News As of August 5, my country is still in a critical period of epidemic prevention and control except Xinjiang, Dalian and Hong Kong. Other provinces, cities, and prefecture-level cities and regions have gradually leveled off, and the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control remains Not to be underestimated. The rigid demand for epidemic prevention and control has prompted many lighting or disinfection manufacturers in related industries to carry out large-scale production and application of ultraviolet germicidal lamps. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp disinfection lamps have become the 'explosive models' this spring. Manufacturers such as Philips, Shelllight, and Osram have successively 'Fully running' production. During the epidemic, how hot was the UV disinfection lamp? How do manufacturers view this boom? 'One lamp is hard to find' The 'New Coronavirus Infection Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan (Trial Version 5)' issued by the National Health Commission pointed out: Coronavirus is sensitive to ultraviolet light. The role of uv lamp is not only embodied in medical disinfection and sterilization, but also a broad-spectrum sterilization method, which is suitable for industrial, civil, food processing and other fields. The portable ultraviolet germicidal lamp, as a simple and convenient disinfection method for civilian use, has also become the choice of some families. We learned from the e-commerce data platform that the sales of ultraviolet germicidal lamps have been high in the past six months since the outbreak, especially the ultraviolet germicidal lamps suitable for household disinfection, which firmly occupy the disinfection product category. Purpose first place. Market trends have led to the entry of funds from all parties. Facing the blowout of market demand for ultraviolet germicidal lamps, many LED companies have attacked and expanded production vigorously. According to incomplete statistics from the reporter of the 'Daily Economic NewsWe learned from a company that has been immersed in the field of ultraviolet applications for decades that the civilian ultraviolet disinfection lamps market has long existed, but it has not attracted much attention. For example, disinfection cabinets and direct drinking fountains have UV lamps in them, which are now added. This is the daily UV disinfection. In addition to the above-mentioned more well-known lighting manufacturers producing ultraviolet germicidal lamps, there are also many small lighting manufacturers trying to catch up with this ''craze'. The influx of a large number of manufacturers has also brought this market segment into a state of 'chaos and disorder'. As a professional explorer of light source knowledge, the instructor called on the ultraviolet germicidal lamp to be mainly used for the disinfection of confined spaces, and the ultraviolet germicidal lamp must be used without people, otherwise it will easily cause harm to people. For example, if the eyes are irradiated with ultraviolet rays, it may cause inflammation of the conjunctiva and cornea. If the skin is irradiated, the skin may become red, swollen, itchy, and desquamated. Due to improper use, in recent years, there have been many news reports of eye burns caused by not leaving the living room when using ultraviolet disinfection lamps. After experiencing this epidemic, the public will definitely pay more attention to hygiene, and the demand for sterilization should increase. However, the uv light sterilizer lamp is a very professional application product. Some people likened that the ultraviolet lamp is equivalent to the prescription drug in medicine. The use of the uv light sterilizer lamp needs to be used carefully under the guidance of professionals, with special emphasis on the use guidelines and precautions. We understand that the popular household ultraviolet germicidal lamp during the epidemic is a tuyere product, but there has been continuous demand in the industrial and commercial sectors. For example, the latest design requirements of the education department must have a light disinfection function, which is controlled by an intelligent control system. The special light source industry will inevitably develop in the direction of light customization, light intelligence, and light health. Air purification uv water purifier equipment realized through customization and intelligence will inevitably protect our physical and mental health, and it is also the inevitable path for the development and upgrading of the special light source industry.
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