Analyze the supplementary light application of LED plant growth lamps to photosynthesis

by:Tepro     2021-03-27
Plants need sunlight to grow and prosper. The effect of light on plant growth is to promote chlorophyll to absorb carbon dioxide, water and other nutrients and synthesize carbohydrates. However, modern science can make plants grow better in places without sunlight. People have mastered the inner principle of plants' demand for the sun, that is, the photosynthesis of leaves. In the photosynthesis process of leaves, external photons are needed to stimulate the entire process of photosynthesis. LED plant growth lights can also make plants complete the photosynthesis process. Modern gardening or plant factories use auxiliary light or completely artificial light. LED plant growth light: 1. Different wavelengths of light have different effects on the photosynthesis of plants. The wavelength of light required for plant photosynthesis is about 400-700nm. 400-500nm (blue) and 610-720nm (red) light contribute the most to photosynthesis. 2. Blue (470nm) and red (630nm) LEDs can only provide the light needed by plants. Therefore, the ideal choice for LED plant lights is to combine these two colors. Visually, the combination of red and blue plant light appears pink. 3. Blue light can promote the growth of green leaves; red light is helpful for flowering and fruiting and prolonging the flowering period. 4. The ratio of red and blue LEDs of LED plant growth lights is usually between 4:1 and 9:1, usually 4-7:1 is optional. 5. When using LED plant growth lights to fill plants with light, the height of plant leaves is usually about 0.5 meters, and continuous exposure for 12 to 16 hours a day can completely replace sunlight. LED plant growth lights can also be used in rainy weather in winter to supplement plant light sources. The uv lamp adopts imported chips, low brightness and high failure, high efficiency and small energy and the effect of promoting plant growth is very obvious. It has the characteristics of very low energy and long life. Compared with other ordinary lights, it is widely used Plant cultivation places, such as lighting, can replace sunlight instead of indoor flowers, greenhouse vegetables, garden nurseries and supplement light to adjust flowering and survival.
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